Ravelry rocks and so does Mr. Greenjeans

I have had a major case of startitus hit me this past week. Hmmm, wonder why? If you really want to see all of it, it’s over on Ravelry, but trust me, it’s scary people! You can find me under Fuzzybritches. Anywho, I fell in love with Mr. Greenjeans last week and prowled Ravelry to find the perfect yarn to use. I decided on Araucania’s Nature Wool in Pea Green. It’s the perfect springtime shade of green. And I was mightily impressed with The Yarn And Fiber Co. I ordered this yarn on Wednesday and Bam! It was in my PO Box on Friday, and that was their free shipping! The color in the top photo is more true to life. It’s not so yellowy as pictured below. I

I love this pattern. I love this yarn. This is a great sweater because it allows for the baby bump to peek…okay, protrude, through and then I can still wear it post baby. It’s also knitting up pretty quickly considering I cast on this Friday evening. I can not even begin to sing the praises of Ravelry, people. Before casting on I searched through many project notes on Mr. Greenjeans. Because of the wonders of Ravelry I am now armed with some key info about this pattern and I can thus plan ahead and avoid disaster in the end. Because of Ravelry I know that almost everyone commented on how they would not go down a needle size for the cabling if they did it again and how some people reported saggy shoulders after a little bit of wear. I can now, thanks to the info gleaned at Ravelry, stick with the larger needle size for the cabling and also put some crocheted chain in along the back of the neck and shoulders. Whereas before I would not have realized these things until it were too late. Thank you Ravelry, thank you.

Someone had there maiden voyage into the world of pancake making this Saturday morning. She did great. Didn’t burn a single one, which is more than I can say for my first few pancakes.

She even made a Mickey Mouse pancake or two. Not bad eh?


6 Responses to Ravelry rocks and so does Mr. Greenjeans

  1. Chris says:

    Pretty yarn and fun pancakes!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Heh, she looks so proud! You know…before I read this I HAD seen your queue in Ravelry, heh heh. I have that exact shade of Auracania in cotton. Good choice of colours, we redheads are so smart.

    Ooo, is Mr. Greenjeans top down as well?? Bonus!

  3. Ooh, love that green! I ordered from Y & F last year and was impressed with the speedy shipping too. : ) Have fun!

  4. Nancy says:

    I LOVE that color. Green always makes me happy. The baby bump will be adorable under it.

    Best of luck with all your life changes!

  5. Great color! It’ll show off the baby bump very nicely.

    You know… the baby bump I’ve been dying to see.

    That baby bump. 🙂

  6. I'm the Mom says:

    Okay, what did you do with my little Boo and who is that tall stretch of cool standing there making pancakes on the old stove????

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