Distraction is the name of the game

April 30, 2008

So now that I know that this weekend was just a tune up, that still leaves me with 3-4 weeks to pass until Tad decides to come out. Of course before, I really didn’t pay any attention to the contractions I was having, that is, until my midwife told me on Monday to just ignore them. Now I notice every one, every one.

I am trying to keep myself distracted and busy without wearing myself out! The knitting goals I have rethought, and to be honest I don’t need to make myself crazier than I already am, so I have narrowed them down to three goals: #1 finish Mr. Greenjeans. #2 start and complete baby sweater and #3 make burp clothes. If I get to the other things on my list great, if not, I’m not going to beat myself up.

I have been doing a lot of sewing. We finally got our basement sealed and moved everything from the, now nursery, down here. There is so much more room in our “batcave” downstairs than there was in the cramped room upstairs, and I actually have room to set up my sewing table now and use it as *gasp* a sewing table!

It’s nothing fancy, but I think it’s really great. I love the instant gratification of sewing and I have been making a lot of things for the nursery. Tomorrow I will be finishing up the dust ruffle and mobile for the crib.

I have also been resting a lot. I was so worn out on Monday morning, all I could think of was thank goodness I didn’t go into labor, I would not have had the energy to push that baby out. This of course has made me rethink my daily routine and my habit of pushing myself to do more, more, more. So I am doing more…resting, reading, laying low. And actively not paying attention to those contractions. ūüėČ

I have also developed a drinking problem. Yep, I bought this bottle the middle of last week and it is now 3/4 of the way gone. I am convinced that the makers of strawberry flavored Maalox have never tasted a strawberry in their lives, uck! Then today I went to Walmart and bought their brand, same size bottle, 2/3 cheaper and it works better! Heartburn my friends, cheers!


It’s Tad’s Fault!

April 28, 2008

So, about those knitting goals…yeah, well week number one was going great until Friday evening. I finished the cable and cast off the bottom of my Mr. Greenjeans and was ready to cast on the button band. I was going out to dinner with my inlaws and decided to do that once I got home to pass the time until the hubby got home. Well it was after dinner that Tad decided to drop, and boy do I mean drop! All of a sudden I started having menstrual like cramps and mild contractions. This is good I thought, these are all signs of prelabor, this is great! Even my Aunt commented after dinner that I was carrying the Tad a lot lower.

Anyway, by the time I got home that evening I was so uncomfortable, I had wicked heartburn, so sitting and knitting was just not an option, instead I did some swaying on my birthing ball for a while and went to bed. Saturday I woke up with the same, contractions a little stronger. I called the midwife and she said get in the tub for 20 minutes and be sure to drink lots of water. Still no change, nothing letting up and nothing getting more intense, so I was given the clear to go about my day, which I did. By Sunday afternoon I was just miserable with all of this, not from pain, just from being uncomfortable. The hubby had to go pick up the Monkey so that left me home by myself for a few hours. I put the crib together because I was bored, and well, it needed to be done.

This morning my midwife stopped by for an examination on her way into town to get groceries. I love that! So nothings happening, the front door is still firmly shut, but Tad has definitely dropped and for now I just get to ignore these contractions as they are happenstance. Back to the knitting goals! Ow!

PreLabor Goals

April 21, 2008

So, I don’t know where the heck the time went, but I have a month…eep…or less…eeep…before wee one makes their appearance! I will be 36 weeks on Thursday. I have sooo much knitting I still want to finish before Tad arrives too. So I figure I’d better set some goals. Here we go, excuse the lousy pictures, it’s rainy here.

On the needles and in no order of importance:

#1 Labor socks: my midwife gave us a list with everything we will need for our homebirth (oh yeah, did I mention we are having this baby at home?) and on that list is “warm socks” well duh, you can’t say that to a knitter, of course I have to make my own, and no I can’t wear a pair I already have knit. I came up with a quick eyelet pattern using the yarn that 2Trees from World of Yarncraft sent me. It’s soooo soft. Pictures to come when the light doesn’t suck as bad.

#2 My sister’s socks: ah, these poor things have been sorely neglected for nearly a month now. I need to get these finished and in the mail to her with some cookies, asap!

#3 Mr. Greenjeans: I really don’t know what my problem is with this sweater, it’s gorgeous, I love it, it fits, and I’m nearly finished!

I even bought several vintage Checz glass buttons from Etsy to choose from for the closure. I have a few more inches of cable and then the button band. I need to stop stalling and start knitting. I want to wear this to my baby shower…if it’s not 80 degrees anyway.

#4 Baby Sweater: Okay, technically this thing isn’t even on the needles yet, it’s just been swatched, but I need to get my hiney in gear here. I found the pattern on Ravelry. I wanted something sweet, but not gender specific. Tadah! And it’s being knit in super deliciously soft Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina from Elann in Peridot.

#5 Baby Genius Burp Cloth: Okay, I have five finished and will finish the sixth tomorrow, but as anyone who has had an infant knows, six burp cloths is not nearly enough. I bought enough Sugan ‘n Cream to make I4. Apparently, we like to model these more than we like to model bibs.

#6 Baby Bib: Again, same with the burp cloths, I have about 4 knit up, they just need buttons. These I can put off for a bit, but not for too long.

So here is the plan! Here are the goals! Tad, please cooperate accordingly!

Finish Goal #3 by the end of this week (April 25th).

Finish Goal #1 and #2 by the end of next week (May 2nd).

Finish Goal #4 by May 9th.

Finish 6 more of goal #6 by May 16th.

Finish two goal #5’s per week until yarn is gone or baby arrives.

Hmmm, okay, I think I can do that. Cheer me on folks! I’m not doing much these days anyway. I’m starting to slow down and I’m sitting a lot so this is totally manageable.

Thank you Kelly!

April 11, 2008

A few days ago I got a care package from my dear friend Kelly because…well she cares. There was fibery goodness to be found, baby sweet things, and sweet things in general. How about a tour…

Check out these adorabibal (Monkey word) baby booties for our little star!

And I love these stitch markers, although I am a little nervous about using the frog and rippit ones. They are to ward off those things right? And that baby blanket is scrumptious. I love all the colors, very bright and cheery, the baby is going to love it. I had to pry it away from the Monkey.

And last but not least, I don’t know why you sent me a half eaten box of BottleCaps, I mean really, they are my favorite candy, but sheesh, okay, okay, I’ve been sampling them. I even shared with the Monkey.

Thanks Kelly! Your package was well received and appreciated.

Thank you Brigitte!

April 8, 2008

A wonderful package from Canada arrived the other day from our dear Brigitte. Thank you so much, I can not tell you how much we love this book at home. Big Sister already reads her copy to the belly. She exclaimed when she saw it that now Tad had his/her own “drool proof” copy.

Some comfort for my mom

April 3, 2008

My Mom and Dad C. had to make a very tough decision this week. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, as you can well imagine, this has not been an easy choice.

From my mom today:

“We¬†came to a¬†very difficult decision this week and decided that it was time to let Keegan go.¬† Although there were only a couple of selfish reasons to keep him, there were¬†many health¬†reasons that were affecting his quality of life.¬† Keegan has been deaf for the last 4 1/2 years, but his sight has been deteriorating because of cataracts and in the last few weeks, we realized that there wasn’t much sight left other than recognizing¬†motion.¬† Arthritis had made stairs very difficult and it was getting harder for him to get around.¬† Although deer in the backyard could certainly motivate him for a “serious run,”¬†it would leave him exhausted by the time he came back to the house, but he didn’t care – he had defended the house.¬† Or he was looking for venison dinner … we could never decide which.”
“Keegan was born on April 26, 1993, and came to join our family on Flag Day, June 14th.¬† He attended his first parade that day and enjoyed all of the attention that comes with being a cocker spaniel puppy at such an event.¬† He was a devoted follower, cheerleader, culinary connoisseur, su-chef, and best friend.¬†¬†He loved being¬†outside in the rain, and his main occupation during winter months was official snow taster.¬† Potty breaks during the winter could take a long time while he taste-tested all of the fresh snow. ¬†He loved to chase¬†squirrels, and could stare for an hour or more at a bug on the wall or ceiling.¬† He passed obedience school with flying colors at an early age and amazed his teachers.¬† He also enjoyed a good game of¬†Hide-N-Seek. ¬†He loved everyone and could sit at (I mean “on”) your feet for hours.¬† Keegan loved children and although he could be very upset the Wednesday after Labor Day when he was deserted for something called school, he was devoted to his sister and brothers.¬† He also adopted into his heart those small wonders that were called “grandchildren” and loved them as well.¬† He was always well behaved and the only person he ever “attacked” was Carol when she scared the living ka-ka out of his mom; however,¬†he forgave Carol.¬†¬†Although he wasn’t a great traveler, Keegan did enjoy camping at Gilbert Lake State Park and often wondered what the family had done with the comfortable house and why we had ended up living in the woods.”
“On Tuesday after work, it was¬†62 degrees and sunshine, so we took¬†Keegan for a short walk through the woods and¬†the hayfield.¬† Of course, the neighbors had spread horse manure on the field,¬†so while we were trying to be careful of where we stepped, Keegan decided to munch a few horse apples before the walk-about came to an end.¬† Dogs!¬† Last night, Keegan made one last road¬†trip with his Dad.¬† We have been fortunate to have a dear lady in Sidney who would babysit and welcome Keegan into her home when we traveled or had to be overnight.¬† Nicki works at the vet’s office¬†and she did what we could not – she stayed with him and held him for us.”
“After nearly fifteen years, our house is very quiet and empty¬†today, and¬†tears come quickly and frequently¬†for now.
Keegan was a loved and faithful companion and will be deeply missed by all of us. “

Doula, compassion at work

April 1, 2008

The hubby and I have been kicking around the idea of having a doula for the birth of this child. Since moving to PA I have put a rather large distance between myself and my former birthing coach…mom, and I am very worried about being alone for this birth. The hubby is unbelievably supportive and I have no doubt will be so during the delivery, but I need a woman there too. Someone who knows what’s going on, someone who can be firm as well as supportive. Someone who can rub my back for 4 hours straight if I have back labor again. I don’t have any close girlfriends here in PA who fit that role. So I began researching this whole “doula” business. I’m sure some of you are saying the same thing I did, “What the heck is a doula?” A doula is a non-medical birth assistant, usually a woman. She is there for your emotional as well as physical needs. She is there to help your partner when they want to be actively involved, or to take over for a while if your partner needs a break. They massage, help you with breathing exercises, labor positions, all to help birth go as smoothly and naturally as possible. They will help you write up a birthing plan. Most of them offer 24/7 on call support prior too and after your due date as well. Many offer child birth classes or individualized support spread over a couple of prenatal visits.

A great place to learn more, and where our search started, is here, DONA International. They can tell you what a doula is, how to hire one, a list of doulas in your area. It’s a great resource. When we first started looking I really didn’t think we could afford this amazing service, but as I bounced from website to website I noticed a common theme, “A doula for every woman who wants one.” These women are so incredibly giving. Many offer payment plans or do pro bono work. That withstanding, the price for a labor package is really quite affordable, and would have been no problem for us prior to our income slash. It truly takes a very particularly compassionate type of woman to do this work. I even looked at one of the pages on becoming a doula and these ladies certainly aren’t in it for the money. This is compassion at its purest. And speaking of which, let me introduce Antonette…

She is our doula and we are so glad that we found her, she has literally been an answer to our prayer. She has a wonderful website, Nascita Doula. I found Antonette through the doula network. She has been so gracious in working with us during our time of seriously tight budgetitus. She will be coming to our home on Monday for dinner and birthing ball tutoring. I am so excited!

Also for any nursing moms, or new moms out there, she developed some really fantastic products: The boobie bib *Lord only knows the google hits I am going to get from that one ;)* as well as some really gorgeous baby bags I am loving the patterns and the price on these. Very affordable. Go, go look at them now. Even if you aren’t expecting, if you know someone who is, this is the greatest gift a mom could ask for! No huge bulky stroller to lug around and an amazing bonding opportunity. Seriously, what are you still doing here, go look! Oh and Chris, I think Chaos and May need baby slings…the Feeling Groovy pattern for May and the Paisley Mocha Blue for Chaos. Really, it’s only the next step after the bib wearing. ūüėČ

P.S. For those of you who mistakenly thought this was a knitting blog…well it is, I am almost finished with Mr. Greenjeans, pictures to follow when it stops raining (grrr). It’s looking awesome and I have a couple of vintage checz glass buttons that I need to decide on for the closure.