Doula, compassion at work

The hubby and I have been kicking around the idea of having a doula for the birth of this child. Since moving to PA I have put a rather large distance between myself and my former birthing coach…mom, and I am very worried about being alone for this birth. The hubby is unbelievably supportive and I have no doubt will be so during the delivery, but I need a woman there too. Someone who knows what’s going on, someone who can be firm as well as supportive. Someone who can rub my back for 4 hours straight if I have back labor again. I don’t have any close girlfriends here in PA who fit that role. So I began researching this whole “doula” business. I’m sure some of you are saying the same thing I did, “What the heck is a doula?” A doula is a non-medical birth assistant, usually a woman. She is there for your emotional as well as physical needs. She is there to help your partner when they want to be actively involved, or to take over for a while if your partner needs a break. They massage, help you with breathing exercises, labor positions, all to help birth go as smoothly and naturally as possible. They will help you write up a birthing plan. Most of them offer 24/7 on call support prior too and after your due date as well. Many offer child birth classes or individualized support spread over a couple of prenatal visits.

A great place to learn more, and where our search started, is here, DONA International. They can tell you what a doula is, how to hire one, a list of doulas in your area. It’s a great resource. When we first started looking I really didn’t think we could afford this amazing service, but as I bounced from website to website I noticed a common theme, “A doula for every woman who wants one.” These women are so incredibly giving. Many offer payment plans or do pro bono work. That withstanding, the price for a labor package is really quite affordable, and would have been no problem for us prior to our income slash. It truly takes a very particularly compassionate type of woman to do this work. I even looked at one of the pages on becoming a doula and these ladies certainly aren’t in it for the money. This is compassion at its purest. And speaking of which, let me introduce Antonette…

She is our doula and we are so glad that we found her, she has literally been an answer to our prayer. She has a wonderful website, Nascita Doula. I found Antonette through the doula network. She has been so gracious in working with us during our time of seriously tight budgetitus. She will be coming to our home on Monday for dinner and birthing ball tutoring. I am so excited!

Also for any nursing moms, or new moms out there, she developed some really fantastic products: The boobie bib *Lord only knows the google hits I am going to get from that one ;)* as well as some really gorgeous baby bags I am loving the patterns and the price on these. Very affordable. Go, go look at them now. Even if you aren’t expecting, if you know someone who is, this is the greatest gift a mom could ask for! No huge bulky stroller to lug around and an amazing bonding opportunity. Seriously, what are you still doing here, go look! Oh and Chris, I think Chaos and May need baby slings…the Feeling Groovy pattern for May and the Paisley Mocha Blue for Chaos. Really, it’s only the next step after the bib wearing. 😉

P.S. For those of you who mistakenly thought this was a knitting blog…well it is, I am almost finished with Mr. Greenjeans, pictures to follow when it stops raining (grrr). It’s looking awesome and I have a couple of vintage checz glass buttons that I need to decide on for the closure.


8 Responses to Doula, compassion at work

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe you can get the Yarn Harlot as your doula! 😉 Um, yeah, I guess it’d be interesting to see how fast they could shred a sling…

  2. 2trees says:

    I have to totally disagree with the boobie bib, but congrats on finding an amazing doula! And baby slings are the best invention EVER. 🙂

  3. Nette says:

    Just to jump in a defend my Boobie Bib 🙂 I in no way feel that a woman should have to cover herself up when nursing. When I was attempting to breastfeed my son I had an inverted nipple….for anyone who has experienced this, NO FUN trust me 🙂

    So I had to use a pump to draw out my nipple and a nipple sheild. So unfortunaly I wasnt blessed with teh ability to just take out my breast and feed. And anyone who has had experience with the nipple sheild can say that they are MESSY!

    So trully, thats where the boobie bib came from, to help those moms who feel that breastfeeding just doesnt come as easily for them as it does to others.

    I have had many women tell me that because of the Boobie Bib they are still breatsfeeding when they felt because of all the tools that they needed they wanted to give up

    Also, its great for working moms who pump on the job and want to be discreet.

    I catch some heat sometimes from women who feel that The Boobie Bib is saying “hey cover that up!”

    Instead of whining about my boobie issues, i decided to create something to help mommas out 🙂 This bib comes with pockets, so it makes it handy to just discreetly put any breastfeeding items away..such as lanolin cream or nursing pads.

    now that i am finished my little Boobie Bib rant…

    Tracey, i am soo excited to be your doula and I cant wait to help you have the birth that you want!

  4. That’s wonderful that you found her! See, things are just falling into place and soon little Tad will be out among the wide world, being spoiled by knitters.

  5. Brigitte says:

    Oh, that’s wonderful! I’m glad you’re happy with the Doula. Wow, it’s getting closer, isn’t it?!

  6. KeanaLee says:

    CONGRATS! I’m glad you found someone, she seems very nice. (and Italian too! That’s just a plus!) I went to the BabyWearer site, how cool! I need to attend a Pittsburgh meeting , I wear Jack a lot………….The boobieBIB is a very great idea, sometimes the best inventions are born out of our own necessities. I’m not a breast feeder, by choice, I breast feed my oldest but it just didn’t work out too well. Now having a 13 yr old – 11 yr old & Jack I don’t think it would have been easy. Anyway if I breastfeed I’d definitely get the BooBIeBIB, love the name!
    I’m guessing your having a boy…………just because I have one!

  7. Echo says:

    Just clicked over from a mom group I belong to with Nette, I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world with your birth! Can’t wait to read about it on your blog and hear about it through Nette! You’ve got one heck of a doula there! 🙂

  8. amandacathleen says:

    Tracy I’m so glad that you are using a doula. I can’t believe that your little tad is going to be coming so soon!
    I read Nette’s comment, and have to say I didn’t have any problems breastfeeding my kids. But I liked to cover up when we where out or when there where people over. I’m just a bit self conscious. I wish I had seen the boobiebib before Kailey was born. I would have got one too!

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