Distraction is the name of the game

So now that I know that this weekend was just a tune up, that still leaves me with 3-4 weeks to pass until Tad decides to come out. Of course before, I really didn’t pay any attention to the contractions I was having, that is, until my midwife told me on Monday to just ignore them. Now I notice every one, every one.

I am trying to keep myself distracted and busy without wearing myself out! The knitting goals I have rethought, and to be honest I don’t need to make myself crazier than I already am, so I have narrowed them down to three goals: #1 finish Mr. Greenjeans. #2 start and complete baby sweater and #3 make burp clothes. If I get to the other things on my list great, if not, I’m not going to beat myself up.

I have been doing a lot of sewing. We finally got our basement sealed and moved everything from the, now nursery, down here. There is so much more room in our “batcave” downstairs than there was in the cramped room upstairs, and I actually have room to set up my sewing table now and use it as *gasp* a sewing table!

It’s nothing fancy, but I think it’s really great. I love the instant gratification of sewing and I have been making a lot of things for the nursery. Tomorrow I will be finishing up the dust ruffle and mobile for the crib.

I have also been resting a lot. I was so worn out on Monday morning, all I could think of was thank goodness I didn’t go into labor, I would not have had the energy to push that baby out. This of course has made me rethink my daily routine and my habit of pushing myself to do more, more, more. So I am doing more…resting, reading, laying low. And actively not paying attention to those contractions. 😉

I have also developed a drinking problem. Yep, I bought this bottle the middle of last week and it is now 3/4 of the way gone. I am convinced that the makers of strawberry flavored Maalox have never tasted a strawberry in their lives, uck! Then today I went to Walmart and bought their brand, same size bottle, 2/3 cheaper and it works better! Heartburn my friends, cheers!


8 Responses to Distraction is the name of the game

  1. amandacathleen says:

    mmmmm, I do not miss the heartburn! I’m glad to hear the walmart brand works better for you 😀 Hopefully the tad will change position a bit so your not so uncomfortable!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Aren’t store brands the BEST?! So much cheaper. Ick, heartburn… C’mon Tad, give your Mom a break.

    Well, with sewing, room re-arranging and all the knitting, it’s no wonder you’re tired. Take it easy now! ‘Cause, you know. Once Tad’s here…

  3. Bonne Marie says:

    Oh honey! What a great getaway space!

    Hope you’re resting and Tad gives you a break this weekend! Bummer about the heartburn…

    You Look GLORIOUS and gorgeous and beautiful 🙂

  4. traceyleezle says:

    Aaaah! My daughter has informed me that I have developed “lunch lady” arms…she’s right!

  5. Chris says:

    Ack – that isn’t very nice of your daughter. 😦

  6. Nette says:

    You look FABULOUS! I am sitting here home alone while Paul works late…and I am craving some of your ice cream and organic cookies…actually I am craving a whole meal from you 🙂 lol

    I cant wait for your homebirth…so i can raid your cabinets, eat your moms biscotti and OF COURSE help you 😉 lol

  7. I'm the Mom says:

    Looks like I had better have biscotti ready to go!

    Love, Mom

    P.S. I couldn’t help myself today – I bought four brand new Little Golden Books to read to my newest grandbaby. They are copyrighted from the old-fashioned Disney stories: Dumbo (1941), Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, The Three Little Pigs (1933), and Bambi (1948). They will be packed in my suitcase-to-go. 🙂

  8. 2trees says:

    I want some biscotti…
    Why do you have the length of your sewing table propped against the wall?
    Aren’t Braxton-Hicks fun?!

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