Baby Shower

My MIL and SIL threw me a baby shower this past Saturday. It was lovely. All the typical baby shower trappings. Games, good food, family, friends, cake, and lots of adorable teeny outfits. Mom and Jamie really know how to throw a party. They did a “reception” for Hubby and I after we got married and that was just as grand and fun.

A few friends from Stitch n Bitch attended as well. It was great having them there. I sat in the back with them so they didn’t feel too isolated I hope. We were the bad kids so we had to sit at the back table. 😉 My friend Dave from SnB made the cakes. OH My Gosh! They were divine, and beautiful. One was chocolate with chocolate chips and crushed peanut butter cups and the other was a white cake flavored like a sugar cookie. Yeah, I know!

The entire party I was having wild contractions and the baby was so active, I think he/she knew the party was in their honor. I was pooped when we got home! Here is a slideshow of the whole blessed event.

My Baby Shower

Oh and yes that IS a finished Mr. Greenjeans I’m wearing to the shower. 😉


5 Responses to Baby Shower

  1. Jane says:

    Mr. Greenjeans looks great! And how nice to see you, too.

  2. Shannon says:

    Soo…how about I didn’t recognize Monkey at first. She looks older than her 12 (right?) years.

  3. Brigitte says:

    Now, what would you have done without the Monkey helping you out!? Hee hee, when i saw “pooped”, I read “popped”…phew!

    Mr. Greenjeans looks fab, and so do you!

  4. Looks like a grand time was had by all! You look absolutely fantastic in your green sweater.

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