Blogging By Moonlight

July 11, 2008

My days are filled with many important things…like diaper changes, and breastfeeding, napping, and bouncing a wee one on the bed until his face splits into an enormous grin, swaddling, and shhhhhing, rocking, and kissing little ears and a sweet smelling forehead. My house has been overtaken by “baby piles”. Whatever room you are in, wherever you look you can find them. Although my floor has not been swept and my carpets not vacuumed, there is a hugish pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded overtaking my couch…these things I turn a bleary sleep deprived eye too and I sigh exasperated, but those dear little piles…even when I do have a few moments to clean, stay where they are. Small reminders of the tiny wonder that has come into our lives.

Today is my birthday, I am 29 today…and I can think of nothing that I really need or want. I am blessed completely by my gracious Lord, Christ. Besides, Graco, the makers of Finn’s baby swing have already given me a wonderful birthday present…five uninterrupted hours of sleep. 🙂 Clicky to embiggen on the cute sleepy heads.