A better world starts at home

I’m sure many of you are feeling the pinch of this wonderful recession. Here at our house it is especially uncomfortable as I am now staying home to raise our family and we are living off of my husbands income. Thus began my search for simpler, more frugal, environmentally friendly ways to live. I am looking for many ways to stretch that grocery budget, to save us money around the house, to live a simpler life, not so dependant on stores. And so a new blog was born to document my endeavours. Join me every now and again…

Frugal! God Bless You


2 Responses to A better world starts at home

  1. KeanaLee says:

    so cool! Here’s a tip. JoAnn Fabrics sells Gerber Baby Onesies. Using your JOANN coupons gets you 40 to 50% off onesies. I am taking my 50% coupon there this weekend its like a BOGO deal!

  2. thislittlehouse says:

    I love the diapers! I use cloth diapers as well! I have an 18 month old in them. We use Chinese Prefolds with Bummis Super whisper wraps and a snappy to hold everything together. I think your’s are a lot prettier though. 🙂 Neat that you made them!

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