Yarn Season?

I received an email from JoAnn’s today packed with crafty goodness and I had to laugh. They had this whole monologue going about fall and what crafter’s look forward to in the fall. Here is the part that made me laugh.

“Still other crafters are delighted that yarn-crafting season is upon us at last and will spend evenings knitting or crocheting now that darkness comes earlier and the nip in the air hinders outside play.”

Yarn season? Wha? Yarn has it’s own season? Does this mean the rest of us have been knitting out of season? And yes, I have, I just haven’t had any time to post. Clearly this explains why yet again, another chain store fails to entice most knitters. They assume knitting has a season. They assume we only play with sticks and string when it’s cold. What about cotton? And linen? Hello? Well you know what they say when you “ass-u-me”.

Back to the knitting. Our SnB went to The Mannings again last weekend. Ah, good food, great company, great yarn. It was wonderful. I came home with some sock yarn, some lambs pride for mittens, a flicker, two bobbins for my spinning wheel, and some orvus paste to scour a fleece.

Oh yes, the fleece. It is lovely, an early Chrismtas present from Dad and Mom B. It is a cheviot and surprisingly clean. Wherever this beauty came from they took very good care of their sheep.

The knitting: I finished my mittens finally, bad shot, it’s late, I’m tired. Blah.

Finally, they are done, the hat will follow

I made Finn a pirate diaper. Rrrrrr, whipe me booty. Then after that we made up bad pirate jokes all afternoon like, “What are pirates favorite socks?” “Rrrrrgyles.” Yeah, I will stop with that one.

We be pirate pants

We be pirate pants

I also made a pair of longies for a friend in Washington for her little boy. They came out beautifully!

So, I’m sure you are all wondering where I have been, or maybe you haven’t and I am deluding myself. Well for those of you who were wondereing (humor me). I have been swallowed by my kitchen. Yes, that’s right. I am just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 24 quarts of apple sauce, 7 pints of apple butter, 50 pounds of carrots, a bushel of green beans, 27 quarts of pears, 10 pints of pear butter later with half a bushel of pears left and 4 pumpkins to make into pumpkin butter. It will be over soon. Yay! You have no idea how insanely busy I have been. Did I mention I am making two full lenght skirts for the monkey and myself before this Saturday for my SIL’s wedding too? Sleep is but a dream, that I don’t get to dream because you would have to sleep to…never mind. Anyway, for any of you out in blog land who still check in on me, I will be surfacing for air very soon. I miss you all.

Gratuitous Finn shot. He’s getting sooo big. He’s 5 mths. old and weighs in around 18 lbs. He is no longer Mr. Colicky, but now Mr. Hey I Will Smile At You Come Here I Can Squeel Wanna Hear Me Squeel Giggly Boy.


2 Responses to Yarn Season?

  1. KeanaLee says:

    SO CUTE FINN! Jack is 10 months & only weighs about 20 pounds! He is so cute, that Finn, I want to kiss his face!

  2. ohmygosh! Those cheeks just scream kiss me! Finn is just adorable. And you have been one busy momma. Pear butter, pumpkin butter, they both sound yummy!

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