Color to dye for

January 30, 2009

OK, enough with the stupid dye puns. On to the yarn! Here it is, my two skeins of delicious color. Oooh, I can’t wait to knit these babies up. They came out so vivid. These will be made into wool soakers for Finnigan. All that work only to have it get pee’d on. Yep, I love this kid.

On a side note, I have found the perfect place with the perfect lighting to photograph my yarn and get true to life colors…my kitchen sink. Apparently the white enamel and the light coming in is just perfect for yarn photography, who knew.

We nearly dyed laughing

January 29, 2009

So here it is, almost a whole week since the dye party and I’m finally getting aroud to posting. Sheeesh. Anywho possums, we had a fabulous time. We met at my friend Dave’s apartment and the fun began! Here he is, in his kitchen, ladies he can knit, he can cook, he can bake, he’s handsome, and funny, and he’s single and looking! 😉

My good friend Casey was there as well, she’s awesome and she’s gonna be a mommy! Yay! Seriously, it just might be possible that I am more excited than she is…just maybe…it’d be close anyway.

Wanna see what you do to pass the time while you are waiting for your yarn to dye? You pee on a stick, well if you are Casey anyway, we tried to get Dave to do it, but he was too chicken. We think he’s pregnant.

Yep, she’s pregnant!

I brought cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera for a breakfast treat and Casey added, “Those are great, they are my husband’s crack.” To which I replied, “Ewww, I don’t want to eat your hubby’s crack.” And this was the type of 10 year old humor that insued for the rest of the day! Sausage shoes! Don’t ask.

Dave and Casey were dying with natural ingredients. Casey dyed her yarn in coffee and wow, not only did it come out gorgeous, but it smells great too. I wonder if you would get a caffeine buzz knitting with it?

Dave did a couple of different dyes, indigo and hibiscus leaves. I don’t have pictures of either at this time because I had to leave early, but he assures me they came out great, especially the indigo.

Then there was me. I wanted to do some handpaints with the Wilton Cake Dyes. Wow Chris, you were right, these are the gateway dying drug. I am addicted. I am soaking yarn right now for the next go, I still have four skeins left and have deemed that I will be hosting the next dying party. Anywho, here is my “lab” on Dave’s kitchen table.

And here is the mad scientist mixing her formulas, “Bwuhahahahahaha!”

On a side note, do you like my fancy rubber gloves? We had to make a side trip to buy rubber gloves and a candy thermometer. Tee, hee, try standing in the check out line with rubber gloves and a giant thermometer and not giggling.

And now to they actual death of the yarn, er dying of the yarn.

Then you put it in the microwave and zap it for two minutes and let it rest for two minutes and zap it for two minutes and let it rest…you get the idea.

I did up two skeins and because I am mean and this post has a million pictures anyway…I’m going to wait and post my yarn pics tomorrow. Ha! Let’s just say, it came out really great. Really.

A party to dye for

January 23, 2009

We are having a dye party tomorrow at my good friend Dave’s house. There will be dying (well, duh, I hope so), and good fun with friends. I have seven skeins of vintage Red Heart wool. Yep, see it wasn’t always made out of recycled soda bottles. I will be preping it tonight and then weeee. We are either going to do some Wilton cake dyes or some natural dyes, maybe both. I am soooo excited. I will post pictures!

Girl’s Night Out!

January 13, 2009

We had an amazing time last night. It’s funny, ODD, loves DS to pieces and always wants him to go with us and hang out with him, etc, but I think we both needed the time for just the two of us last night. We really reconnected. Monkey celebrated an important milestone, so it was time for a girl’s night out!

We hopped in the car, she had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. I kept it all a surprise.

When we went into The Bonton she thought we were just cutting through to get to the mall until I had her sit down. See how excited she was?

Here is her before shot…

The Clinique lady showed her how to apply basic makeup. She kept it very light and natural as I don’t allow DD to wear a lot of makeup, basically brown mascara and pale lipstick/gloss.

She did a light powder, blush, eyeshadow, and gloss. It looked really nice on her and just gave her a lovely glow without looking “done up”. I decided to get her each piece that she used and DD about freaked she was so excited. I told her, “With great power comes great responsibility.” ;D
Isn’t she lovely?

Then it was off to Red Lobster

Things got a bit silly at this point. How’s the food Elizabeth?

It’s terrible! (not really)

Then we went to see Marley & Me and bawled our eyes out. We had the theater to ourselves, accept for the two horny teenagers in the back corner that Monkey and I kept picking on. We drove home and fell into bed at 12:30. So, this morning I told her to go back to bed and stay home today. We had an important power snuggle meeting.

Finn’s first wave!

January 6, 2009

I don’t have any pics, but it was so great. We picked up DD from her dad’s and had dinner out before heading home. Well there was a Dad and his two little boys sitting at the booth behind us and they waved at Finnigan. Finn stopped eating, put his hand out and looked at it for a second and then started turning his hand back and forth real slow. Then he looked up at the boys and smiled. It took me a second to realize what he just did. Then I about jumped out of our booth! I said to the family behind us, “Oh my gosh! That’s his first wave!”

Well, the little boys thought that was the coolest thing so they spent the rest of the time we were there waving at Finn and he would wave back real slowly and smile. It was so cool. I forgot how great this age is, he’s really starting to figure out that he can control things around him and cause and effect. He really got into shaking his rattle in the car last night too, we heard him shake it a couple of times, then he shook it non stop for 10 miles.