Finn’s first wave!

I don’t have any pics, but it was so great. We picked up DD from her dad’s and had dinner out before heading home. Well there was a Dad and his two little boys sitting at the booth behind us and they waved at Finnigan. Finn stopped eating, put his hand out and looked at it for a second and then started turning his hand back and forth real slow. Then he looked up at the boys and smiled. It took me a second to realize what he just did. Then I about jumped out of our booth! I said to the family behind us, “Oh my gosh! That’s his first wave!”

Well, the little boys thought that was the coolest thing so they spent the rest of the time we were there waving at Finn and he would wave back real slowly and smile. It was so cool. I forgot how great this age is, he’s really starting to figure out that he can control things around him and cause and effect. He really got into shaking his rattle in the car last night too, we heard him shake it a couple of times, then he shook it non stop for 10 miles.


6 Responses to Finn’s first wave!

  1. gigi says:

    So many things we take for granted Finn will discover and make us see them in a new way too.

  2. meg says:

    How sweet! Have someone wave behind you & take a picture – maybe he’ll wave back & you’ll have a re-enactment of the moment =) =)

  3. Yay Finn!! He sounds too cute for words.

  4. Pooch says:

    Finn is just darling!! What a handsome little boy! Darling daughter looks like a good big sis! God bless your family in the new year!

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