We nearly dyed laughing

So here it is, almost a whole week since the dye party and I’m finally getting aroud to posting. Sheeesh. Anywho possums, we had a fabulous time. We met at my friend Dave’s apartment and the fun began! Here he is, in his kitchen, ladies he can knit, he can cook, he can bake, he’s handsome, and funny, and he’s single and looking! πŸ˜‰

My good friend Casey was there as well, she’s awesome and she’s gonna be a mommy! Yay! Seriously, it just might be possible that I am more excited than she is…just maybe…it’d be close anyway.

Wanna see what you do to pass the time while you are waiting for your yarn to dye? You pee on a stick, well if you are Casey anyway, we tried to get Dave to do it, but he was too chicken. We think he’s pregnant.

Yep, she’s pregnant!

I brought cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera for a breakfast treat and Casey added, “Those are great, they are my husband’s crack.” To which I replied, “Ewww, I don’t want to eat your hubby’s crack.” And this was the type of 10 year old humor that insued for the rest of the day! Sausage shoes! Don’t ask.

Dave and Casey were dying with natural ingredients. Casey dyed her yarn in coffee and wow, not only did it come out gorgeous, but it smells great too. I wonder if you would get a caffeine buzz knitting with it?

Dave did a couple of different dyes, indigo and hibiscus leaves. I don’t have pictures of either at this time because I had to leave early, but he assures me they came out great, especially the indigo.

Then there was me. I wanted to do some handpaints with the Wilton Cake Dyes. Wow Chris, you were right, these are the gateway dying drug. I am addicted. I am soaking yarn right now for the next go, I still have four skeins left and have deemed that I will be hosting the next dying party. Anywho, here is my “lab” on Dave’s kitchen table.

And here is the mad scientist mixing her formulas, “Bwuhahahahahaha!”

On a side note, do you like my fancy rubber gloves? We had to make a side trip to buy rubber gloves and a candy thermometer. Tee, hee, try standing in the check out line with rubber gloves and a giant thermometer and not giggling.

And now to they actual death of the yarn, er dying of the yarn.

Then you put it in the microwave and zap it for two minutes and let it rest for two minutes and zap it for two minutes and let it rest…you get the idea.

I did up two skeins and because I am mean and this post has a million pictures anyway…I’m going to wait and post my yarn pics tomorrow. Ha! Let’s just say, it came out really great. Really.


6 Responses to We nearly dyed laughing

  1. MissaB says:

    Do the Wilton dyes work with any natural fiber? I remember using KoolAid to dye mohair when I was making bears, but the color intensity looks much better with this. Oh yeah, hand-tinting some mohair…..

  2. Chris says:

    Wait, I thought dyeing with indigo was pretty nasty, requiring urea and all sorts of ick…

  3. Mmmm…. coffee yarn! Your yarn looks great! : )

    Hmm, Dave isn’t going to use that microwave for food, is he? This was a big No-no in the class I took last year.

  4. Cathy-Cate says:

    You *are* mean.
    Big meanie.

    Wanna seeeeeee! (Whine.)

  5. Kyla says:

    Casey’s pregnant! Yay! πŸ™‚

  6. Keana says:

    What a fun time…..great for your friend! That is so awesome!

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