Finnigan approved dishcloth

The other day I was weeding out some of my old dishcloths. Ones that had holes, ones with a ton of stains, ones that were just downright disgusting. Well, by the time I was done I really only had a couple left. So like any good knitter with a stash full of dishcloth cotton, I cast on!

This is the Basketweave Spa Cloth. Very easy, very pretty, and good and nubby for lots of scrubby! I finished it in one and a half movies too. Finnigan tested it out for me after his breakfast. It is excellent for playing peekaboo with…

and does work for cleaning off messy baby faces.

Although Finn really protested that it might be put to better use as a teething rag.


5 Responses to Finnigan approved dishcloth

  1. amandacathleen says:

    hehehehe! So cute! Work those little teeth through Finn

  2. Amy says:

    Nice dishcloth… adorable baby! And FYI… I loved the yarn from your dye day!

  3. Simply adorable!

    BTW, the sheep/mittens thing? Too funny!

  4. kyla says:

    Look how cute he is! 🙂 He’s getting so big!

  5. Bonne Marie says:

    What a totally handsome model!!

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