What do you get when you cross a…?

Elizabeth and I like to play a really silly game in the car to pass the time. Basically we take two animals or an animal and an object and cross them and rename them. So basically it goes like this.

Elizabeth:  “If a rabbit and a cow had a baby what would it be called.”

Me: *thinking* “Okay, I got it, a cobbit or a raow.”

Insert silly giggles.

Or another one

Me:  “How about a sea cucumber and a yak”

Elizabeth:  “Oh this is good one, a sea kayak! Ha ha ha ha!”

Well we had a really good one a while back and it was pretty durn funny. We were actually in the car traveling to NY and I was knitting a mitten. It was my turn and I wasn’t really in the mood to play so I just thought mitten…yarn…sheep.

Me:  “OK, cross a sheep and a mitten.”

Elizabeth:  *crickets chirping in the distance*

Me:  *also thinking this one over…light bulb goes on* “Oh! Ha, ha, ha! That’s a good one! Whoops!”

Elizabeth:  “I didn’t know if I’d get yelled at if I said it out loud mom!”

Yep, gonna knit me some shittens.


One Response to What do you get when you cross a…?

  1. amandacathleen says:

    *LMFAO* that is just too damn funny!!!!
    I’m so gonna play that game with my kids! We play a rhyming game in the car, say a sentence with a rhyming word at the end. And the next person has to come up with another sentence ending in a word that rhymes with the previous one. Like: There was a cat, who sat on a rat. Lots of giggles!
    heheheh shittens!

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