So passes a dear friend

Tuesday of this week Elizabeth lost a friend. Her faithful and nutty fish, Ruby, died. Ruby, more affectionately known as Rubal Turd Face, was a good fish, if not a bit eccentric. He could often be found flaring at the thermometer in his tank. We still aren’t really sure what he had against the thermometer, but it did seem to offend him. Ruby lived a good long life of 2 1/2 years, which in pet store bettas is pretty good. Elizabeth had herself a good cry and I assured her it was going to be okay. I kind of saw this coming. I knew he was nearing his expiration date and had slown down a bit. I also knew she was going to take it hard. Apparently not as hard as I thought. Yesterday she said after school, “So when can we go get a new fish?” Hmmm. Well, now there is a new betta, Chilli, where Ruby used to be. This one doesn’t seem to mind the thermometer.


3 Responses to So passes a dear friend

  1. Chris says:

    Goodbye, Ruby.

    Welcome, Chilli.

  2. Pooch says:

    Gorgeous color! Betas are so soothing to watch. Elizabeth is a resilient girl.


  3. Ruby’s memory will always remain.
    Elizabeth is sure to enjoy Chilli.

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