I’m moving to NYC where it’s quiet!

Seriously, this week has been insane with a capital I! I can’t take much more of this small country town living, it’s too much excitement for me!

Monday started out with this. Apparently the news camera crew was kind enough to set up in our yard while we were gone. Gosh, I missed my 15 minutes of fame. Oh darn. Yes, in our ridiculously small town there was a manhunt complete with an armored car, sniper rifles, and tear gas. I woke at 9 am to my husband’s Aunt pounding on our door letting me know that the neighborhood nut had really gone off the deep end that morning and had kicked off the day by firing at someone and at houses and then barricading himself in his ex girlfriend’s barn. Joy of Joys! The hubby insisted I pack up the baby and come to town and spend the day at his office. He didn’t have to ask me twice.

Then came Wednesday night. The Monkey and The Bean and I were driving home behind hubby with Chinese take out in the car. We crested the hill just before the turn onto our wee little road to our house and there were flashing lights everywhere! There had  been a horrible, horrible car accident. Traffic was rerouted past our house until close to midnight. At one point during dinner the Life Line helicopter flew over our house to take someone to Hershey Medical. It was not a good night.

At some point the wind that night grew to the point that I seriously thought someone was driving a freight train through our bedroom and I was waiting for our house to lift off the foundations at any moment. I didn’t sleep a wink it was so loud…and scary. Thursday morning arrived finally and after seeing The Monkey off on to the bus without blowing away and hubby off to work Finn and I settled into our morning routine. With me jumping out of my skin every two minutes because of some new piece of debris being slammed into our house: garbage cans, Mason Jars blowing off my front porch, the neighbors humongous pine tree crashing down on our house.

Yep, I watched the tank light on Finn’s aquarium flicker off then on then off. I wasn’t really surprised with all the wind. I heard this loud bang outside and was peaking out all of my windows to see what the heck it was. Finally I looked out the living room window and the top third of our neighbors two story high pine tree had hit our house and was now laying in my front yard. The middle third was flopped in the middle of the road precariously laying on the power lines and pitched just right so that if the power lines snapped it would come straight into our living room window. Enter the dopey guy with the pick up truck who pulls up and decides to start up his chain saw and start cutting on the tree laying on THE POWER LINES!!! Idiot. Luckily someone from the township garage showed up and told him to stop. They waited for the power company to show up and take the massive tree down.

Finn and I packed up again and went to MIL’s house four doors up for the day. Where we had a nice visit with my mother in law and listened to the wind just absolutely howling. I called hubby to let him know all that was going on and suggested we move to New York City where it might be quieter.

Seriously, I’m a bit nervous about getting out of bed today.


4 Responses to I’m moving to NYC where it’s quiet!

  1. Yikes! What a crazy time! Glad you’re OK, though. : )

  2. amandacathleen says:

    Holy crap! Not only do you need a capital I you need it bold too! Crazy week, so glad to hear that your ok! Wowsa

  3. Ida says:

    Good Grief! What a week, indeed. I can’t remember how I found you but I’ve been lurking for several months…I have a “The Bean” at my house, too. She is my 11 year old grand-daughter. Congrats on the XL Trekking. Has it arrived yet?

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