Fiber Swap

May 28, 2009
A lesson in the proper eating of a watermelon

A lesson in the proper eating of a watermelon

The mountain was fun. Night time was interesting though as where we had our tent it got very damp and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep in very damp and heavy bedding. Apparently Finn thought so too as he was up quite a bit during the night. Other than that though it was a wonderful relaxing and peaceful weekend with lots of fun, family, and food. Oh yeah, and bugs, I think we all got eaten alive, except for Finny which we don’t understand because after all…he is the sweetest of us.

I finished up setting the twist on some gorgeous yarn I spun for a fiber swap. I am actively involved with an online forum called Diaper Sewing Divas. We are all cloth diapering moms, most of us sew are own. Anyway, we did a really cool swap, those who didn’t spin themselves sent two bags of fiber to ladies who had the ability to spin. One was for the spinners to keep as payment, the other was to be spun and sent back to the sender. Easy swap…until I saw the roving my swap buddy sent me.! I didn’t want to send it back. It was Selah Targhee Mountain Top in the colorway Reconcile. Amazing stuff and so soft and easy to spin. I got a gorgeous bit of merino pencil roving in a luscious colorway that reminds me of raspberry truffles and cream.

Simply lovely

Simply lovely


Mountain Woman

May 22, 2009

We are headed up to my hubby’s Aunt & Uncle’s cabin for the long weekend. I am packing like crazy. There is so much more to pack this year…baby things. This is The Bean’s first camping trip, as you can see, he’s packing too. Just bringing along our favorite toys. Heeee…it’s called an Ashford Traveler for a reason.

Can I take all my toys mama?

Can I take all my toys mama?

We go tent camping up there, everyone else is in campers. I grew up tent camping. When you have two working stiff parents and 4 kids, it’s what you can afford. My Dad, however, was the one that instilled the love of the outdoors in me. When mom and my stepdad and brothers would go camping it was in a nice state park with all the amenities. Often times when Dad and I would camp, we would hike in somewhere and make camp, or stay at a campground that was similar. I loved it. Aunt V., hubby’s aunt, always calls me “mountain woman” because of my outdoorsy tendencies. They were mighty impressed the first time I set up our tent…by myself…in ten minutes. She was disappointed because she wanted a picture and by the time she got out of the cabin with her camera the tent was up.

I intend to raise our family lovin’ camping as well. We shall see how Finnigan does this weekend. He’s been up there for visits, but not overnight. Breakin’ out the warm pj’s this weekend.

The Party & The Presents

May 20, 2009

It’s amazing how fast a year goes by. Monday was Finny’s birthday and we had a wonderful time. Our family decided to do a handmade/frugal birthday theme. I made the party decorations with construction paper and cookie cutters of dinosaurs and stars. I made Finny’s cake too. To top it all off we each made him a present. Travis made him a gorgeous rocking horse, I made him some bean bags and an elephant (UFO, I know, bad mama), and big sissy made him a piggy bank using an old jar. On to the incredibly picture heavy post!

Guests arrived at 6:30 and we lost no time getting right into the birthday party spirit with the cake!

Not bad for my first birthday cake in about 5 years.

Not bad for my first birthday cake in about 5 years.

It was devil’s food with raspberry buttercream frosting. Mmmmm. Yeah, very mmmm.

Why are all you people singing at me?

"Why are all you people singing at me?"

Seriously, you have to wonder what they are thinking. All these people singing and staring at you while you stuff cake and icing in your mouth. Blowing out the candle

Blowing out the candle

Finny happened to be teething (what a lousy birthday present) that night so he wasn’t feeling particularly up to snuff, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying that birthday cake.

Mmmmmm, Ill say that again, mmmmmm.

Mmmmmm, I'll say that again, mmmmmm.

Now wash it all down with some cold milk.

Now wash it all down with some cold milk.

After the cake we opened presents, but not before taking a bath in the kitchen sink in front of everyone so we could get this kid “uncaked”. My son is a voyer, he loves taking bath’s in the kitchen sink when there is company. Last week he took a bath in the sink while a Mary Kay party was going on and my kitchen was full of women. I’ll bet once he can walk he’ll be a streaker.

What do you mean I cant stay in the tub?

What do you mean I can't stay in the tub?

On to the presents! We crammed a lot of people into our teeny living room. I was really surprised that we managed to do it. Although it got pretty hot and muggy after a bit.

Family and Friends

Family and Friends

OK, the handmade prezzies! Daddy’s beautiful rocking horse. Perfectly sized for a wee little lad. I am ridiculously proud of Travis, this little rocking horse will be handed down to quite a few babies in this family.

Where do you put the quarter on this thing?

"Where do you put the quarter on this thing?"

The um, Elephant isn’t finished yet (yeah, yeah, yeah) but, my handmade bean bags were a big hit…with the adults. Finn actually likes them quite a bit too.

Bean bags for the Bean

Bean bags for the Bean

Its all fun and games until know the rest.

It's all fun and games until know the rest.

And of course Big Izzy’s coin bank which will be filled with coins once the wee animal crackers disappear. Lovely job Big Izzy!

Too bad the US Currency isnt animal crackers

Too bad the US Currency isn't animal crackers

Shortly after opening up Daddy’s lovely rocking horse…well…

I think we may need a barn...

I think we may need a barn...

The hubby’s Aunt and Uncle bought this for Finnigan and shortly after I told them how Travis was making a rocking horse for him. They figured he could use this one when he gets bigger. He loves both of them already, he was rocking on the one his Daddy made and tugging on this ones ear at the same time.

Another fun present…remember the Little People Barn set? This is the new more modern version. Ah, good times.



Finny received some lovely gifts from family and friends, but more importantly we had a great evening together celebrating Finnigan’s first birthday. I still can’t believe he’s one. We really loved our frugal birthday party and the whole handmade gifts from each other. We have decided that we will continue with this tradition for our birthdays. We figure the kid’s grandparents give them money/clothes/toys. We liked how special and personal our gift giving was.

Happy 1st Birthday Finnigan!

May 18, 2009

Can you believe it? It’s been one whole year! I know I still can’t believe it. Where did this teeny little baby go?

So tiny...

So tiny...

Hee, hee mama, you blinked and now Im one!

"Hee, hee mama, you blinked and now I'm one!"

Happy Birthday to our Little Man! We love you and pray that God will bless you in the next year.

Simple Joys

May 15, 2009
Simply wonderful sunshine diapers

Simply wonderful sunshine diapers

Today I was outside in the sunshine with Finny hanging up a load of freshly washed diapers. I do a lot of my “heavy” thinking while doing daily chores such as this and it hit me. I love the little stuff. Yes, my new spinning wheel is awesome and back when I bought my car I said, “I have a new car!” at least 79 times a day, but when it comes to being really, truly happy, it’s the simple joys.

Such as:  a laundry line full of little diapers drying in the sunshine, that belong to a sweet baby boy.  A daughter who recently turned 13 and still wants to snuggle at bedtime. Waking up next to my hubby. Finding violets growing in the shade on a walk with the Bean. Crying at the Monkey’s 7th grade spring concert as she sings “High Hopes”. Coffee. Ice cream. Sudoku. Cool cotton sheets in the summer. Warm flannel sheets and wool socks in the winter.

Yes, when it comes to being happy, I’ll take the little things over diamonds and riches any day…unless you want to pay off our mortgage. That’s one big thing that would make me ridiculously happy, but in the meantime I’ll stick to the simple joys. Like one toothed grins.


May 5, 2009

When did life get so busy? We apologize for the delay, we now return you to your previously scheduled blog.