Simple Joys

Simply wonderful sunshine diapers

Simply wonderful sunshine diapers

Today I was outside in the sunshine with Finny hanging up a load of freshly washed diapers. I do a lot of my “heavy” thinking while doing daily chores such as this and it hit me. I love the little stuff. Yes, my new spinning wheel is awesome and back when I bought my car I said, “I have a new car!” at least 79 times a day, but when it comes to being really, truly happy, it’s the simple joys.

Such as:  a laundry line full of little diapers drying in the sunshine, that belong to a sweet baby boy.  A daughter who recently turned 13 and still wants to snuggle at bedtime. Waking up next to my hubby. Finding violets growing in the shade on a walk with the Bean. Crying at the Monkey’s 7th grade spring concert as she sings “High Hopes”. Coffee. Ice cream. Sudoku. Cool cotton sheets in the summer. Warm flannel sheets and wool socks in the winter.

Yes, when it comes to being happy, I’ll take the little things over diamonds and riches any day…unless you want to pay off our mortgage. That’s one big thing that would make me ridiculously happy, but in the meantime I’ll stick to the simple joys. Like one toothed grins.


4 Responses to Simple Joys

  1. amandacathleen says:

    its the little things that make life ridiculously happy! OmG a tooth! Love the one tooth grin, so sweet!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Aw, I would be happy at seeing such a grin too! It truly is the little things that can make us happy – for me, seeing the kitties greet me at the door when I come home, quiet mornings and good coffee!

  3. Carol Wessels says:

    Hey Tracey,Cute pictures.He is so adorable.What a smile!

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