Mountain Woman

We are headed up to my hubby’s Aunt & Uncle’s cabin for the long weekend. I am packing like crazy. There is so much more to pack this year…baby things. This is The Bean’s first camping trip, as you can see, he’s packing too. Just bringing along our favorite toys. Heeee…it’s called an Ashford Traveler for a reason.

Can I take all my toys mama?

Can I take all my toys mama?

We go tent camping up there, everyone else is in campers. I grew up tent camping. When you have two working stiff parents and 4 kids, it’s what you can afford. My Dad, however, was the one that instilled the love of the outdoors in me. When mom and my stepdad and brothers would go camping it was in a nice state park with all the amenities. Often times when Dad and I would camp, we would hike in somewhere and make camp, or stay at a campground that was similar. I loved it. Aunt V., hubby’s aunt, always calls me “mountain woman” because of my outdoorsy tendencies. They were mighty impressed the first time I set up our tent…by myself…in ten minutes. She was disappointed because she wanted a picture and by the time she got out of the cabin with her camera the tent was up.

I intend to raise our family lovin’ camping as well. We shall see how Finnigan does this weekend. He’s been up there for visits, but not overnight. Breakin’ out the warm pj’s this weekend.


2 Responses to Mountain Woman

  1. lisa says:

    Hope you guys had a great weekend. Boaz went camping for the first time this weekend in Bedford. He had a camper to sleep in a night time however. Air conditioning and movies to help him rest! He loved the whole outdoor food experience. He made broomstick bread for the first time and was telling me all about it. Loved the mountain pies and taco salad in a Doritos bag. He was so bored with food on the grill last night. Not nearly as thrilling as a roaring Fire!!!

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