Blogathon for a great cause!

July 24, 2009

I feel terrible that this is going up on my blog so late, but anyway, you really need to check this out!

A blogathon (think telethon with the auctions, etc. only these are great items you acutally want) for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Auctions end this Monday so get clickin’ ladies and pass the word. This is for a great cause!

The deats are here: Blogathon for BARCC


FedEx shipping and Cat Food

July 23, 2009

You would not believe the amazing things you can order online these days. I’m serious folks, you can get everything. Our FedEx man showed up on my porch the other day with quite a large box. I opened it and look what tumbled out.

Really great packaging job

Really great packaging job

Ok, so I lied, it was actually the box containing all of my wine making supplies I ordered with my birthday money. I saw all those packing peanuts and knew someone would just love them. I was right.

What do you mean they arent for eating? You said theyre peanuts.

What do you mean they aren't for eating? You said they're peanuts.

We also had a little adventure in the kitchen with the cat food that day. I spend at least a quarter of my day trying to keep Finny out of the cat food. Evanrude really is a good cat and doesn’t mind little fingers rummaging in his dish while he’s trying to eat. I just think it’s gross, but he hasn’t been ill or grown whiskers and a tail or anything so I decided to just give up. Especially after I witnessed this daring-do just to get to the kitty food.

Ha! You caught me.

Ha! You caught me.

Yes, we keep the cats food in old cat litter jugs, kind of ironic if you think about it. I was just amazed that he had crawled up there without falling.

You want a bite mom?

You want a bite mom?

So, I give up, let them eat kibble. If Finny’s starts saying, “Meow?” I may regret this. Oh, and I have been knitting and sewing.

One for you, one, two for me. Two for you, one, two, three, for me.

One for you, one, two for me. Two for you, one, two, three, for me.

And life goes on

July 22, 2009

We had to make a very difficult decision several weeks ago. My sweet little FuzzyBritches has moved out. He’s a trucker now.

JinBao is a sweet dog. He loves his mama, and the hubby, and the Monkey. The Bean…well not so much. JinBao has always actively ignored the baby and those who were holding him. Unfortunately, as Finn became more mobile he expressed an interest in the dog. He wanted so bad to play with the dog and be around the dog. JinBao on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the Bean and began becoming aggressive towards him. If he saw the baby crawling to him, he would growl and move off. Finn attempted to snack on some of Fuzzy’s kibble a few times and that was NOT okay, which I understand. I wouldn’t want a baby pawing through my dinner either (wait that happens every night at the table).

I was also black listed for having the baby. JinBao doesn’t like me anymore. Oh he doesn’t mind me petting him, etc. but he isn’t happy with me. He made his displeasure known by leaving me little “surprises”. When the Bean and I would pack up and go visit in NY…JinBao would be perfectly behaved with no accidents. Let me tell you I was not happy about this, especially deciding which was worse for Finn to be crawling through, poo or chemicals to clean said poo.

So, we found JinBao a new home. We were looking for some place where he could be “the baby” again. We had stipulations and were really happy with the outcome. A really nice gentleman who drives truck to our area several times a week noticed our ad. He and his wife have a 16 year old sheltie at home who used to be his “trucker buddy”. He’s too old to travel like that anymore so they were looking for a small dog who travels well. Aha! They are also a couple whose kids are all grown and gone. Double aha! We also get visitation rights. We can have JinBao for the day when he is in town picking up a load.

It was a lot harder than I though it would be to say goodbye. I did okay and didn’t cry. JinBao happily lept into the brand new semi (all the bells and whistles) and headed straight for the sleeper cab. When we got home I walked into the house and saw the empty spot on the kitchen floor where his dishes usually were…and lost it. Over then next few days I found myself wondering where he was. When I would walk in, I would wait to be greeted by that little wagging tail. Or when I would leave I would put my hand behind me and say, “Stay” to no one.

It’s getting easier, simply because I know this is best for everyone and JinBao is the baby again.

Apparently…I’m 30

July 16, 2009

So I turned 30 this past Saturday. Apparently my birthday is cursed, but not too badly. My mother was coming down for the weekend and we were going to go camping in Gettsyburg…until we found out it’s Biker’s Week in Gettysburg. Camps were full and noisy. Civil War battlefields and motorcycles…I don’t see the connection.

From then on every thing else we came up with to do was doomed to fail. Camping in Maryland:  Mom didn’t wan’t to drive an hour away. Pennsylvania Rennaisance Fair:  Doesn’t start until August. Baltimore Aquarium:  Saturdays in July are their busiest time of the year. Water park:  couldn’t find one close and too expensive. Saturday came and we packed a picnic lunch and went to our favorite State Park for lunch and swimming. Ate lunch got in the water and it started thundering and raining. Crap.

We ended the evening going to a local Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar for hibachi. It was really a blast. Mom and the Monkey had never done hibachi so it was a new experience for them. Finny loved it too. Especially the cooking of his favorite vegetable, trees (also commonly known as broccoli). Two of us had cameras and didn’t take a single picture. We were too busy enjoying the delicious food. Alls well that ends well.

Wednesday was Stitch n’ Bitch. The gang got me a gift certificate for JoAnn’s as I have been sewing a bunch lately. They also made me a glorious birthday hat. It’s an emerging tradition in our group to make atrocious birthday hats for one another. I must say they are getting better? more gawdy? worse? with each birthday.

It also has my name in gold glitter, but you can’t see it in the photos.

Casey my dear, whilst spending my birthday gift I found some excellent fodder for your birthday hat. Be afraid dear, be very afraid. Dave call me, I have ideas.