This is bad folks…real bad. I don’t even know how to type it without tearing up. My camera is dead. It’s was killed in a pickling accident last weekend at the Annual Family Clam Bake. For some reason it got packed into a plastic bag with my cell phone, some candy, and a leaky jar of pickled brussel sprouts…and spent the night there. Seriously? I don’t know how this happened or what, but I’m ready to cry. Not good.

Please don’t tell the blog police that I am blogging without a camera. I’m really bummed because I finally finished Finny’s Elefante for his birthday…can’t post it or ravel it. I also joined the Ravelry group Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup. Can’t blog or ravel any of those upcoming projects. AND what’s worse, is despite my abject loathing of crochet I am finishing my very first amigurumi tonight and he’s…well freakin’ adorable! Please, please Lord! Don’t let the extended warranty be up on our camera! Have mercy!

Here is a darling gratuitous Finny shot to bridge the gap until I am with camera again.

Im so cute, so cute, so cute. Yeah!

I'm so cute, so cute, so cute. Yeah!

and one more…

Ooooh, say can you seeee...

Ooooh, say can you seeee...


6 Responses to /cry

  1. amandacathleen says:

    oh,my that seriously sucks! I hope the warranty is still good and covers the damage!
    However, those are some srsly cute pictures of Finn. So cute!

  2. Shannon says:

    I LOVE the second picture. His face is just too funny.

  3. Shannon says:

    And BTW, sorry about your camera. Finn’s face just really spoke to me! 🙂

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