I’m giving away yarn!

September 29, 2009

Cancer touches us all in one way or another, often times leaving us feeling helpless, like we can’t do anything to help. It’s time to fight back, there are so many things that we can do and my good friend Dave is doing just that. In honor of my good friend Dave who is doing something wonderful for someone else, I am giving away a $20 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. Dave is participating in the Team In Training Baltimore Marathon and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. How do you win this gift certificate? Easy, just make a donation to Dave’s Team In Training site and let me know in a comment that you did so and I will enter your name in the drawing. I will be closing this contest next Tuesday at midnight eastern time. Let’s help Dave help others out.


Socks for my house elf…

September 10, 2009

I have been sucked in. Harry Potter Ravelers…if you have not heard of the HPKCHC don’t bother looking. You will be sucked in and the flames will fan your knitting mojo and you won’t know what hit your stash. Seriously.

HPKCHC, aka Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup, works just like it sounds. You are sorted into houses (you get to choose, Ravenclaws, good luck, it’s the most popular house). Then you get to knit your assignments for Potions, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, & Transfiguration. You can even sign up to do OWLS. All of which earn you points and there are real prizes awarded, plus someone’s gotta get the cup at the end of the term. It’s awesome. I can’t put my needles down.

For Potions we had to knit something warm for someone we know (you know, due to the shortage of Pepperup Potion). I chose to knit a pair of socks for the local house elf…who is walking by the way. As soon as I put them on him, he sat down so he could yank them off.

Whoo Hoo! Mama made me new socks!

Whoo Hoo! Mama made me new socks!

Alright! Thats enough of that...

Alright! That's enough of that...