I’m hungry…

Apparently nursing AND building a baby require some serious calories because all of a sudden I am really, really hungry. As in, eat a full meal and then an hour later feel as though I haven’t eaten anything. So far, I have been making good choices as to what I am eating, trying to get lots of protein and I’ve been craving dark leafy greens. So, I am making a pot of rhappini today with lots of garlic, mmmm.

On the knitting front, I feel awful for apparently not knitting a whole lot for Finn so I am doing what any expecting knitting mother would do. Knitting for the baby that’s alreayd here. I have been perusing Ravelry for the perfect little v neck sweater vest and the perfect split neck pullover.

Also, my feet are always cold so I have taken it upon myself to do something about it. I am knitting socks for me. And berets too, I am on a beret kick. Pictures will follow when I am not so tired. I have also decided I am taking this Christmas off, I am not knitting any Christmas presents this year. It always ends badly. I say that now, please remind me of that in November.


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