Pregnancy Brain

All of you who have been there know what I’m talking about. You ladies who have had to deal with people with pregnancy brain get it to. Well, it’s settling in fast and hard this time. Gee, four weeks in and I can barely speak or spell. So, this is my disclaimer for the next 9 months…

WARNING:  This blog is under the operation of someone who is carrying a rapidly growing internal parasite which causes a shortage of blood to the brain. Common resulting symptoms from this affliction include:  typos, hearing something completely different than what was said, thinking you have said/typed one thing, only to find out later that you said/typed something completely (and usually ridiculously crazy) different, i/e typing dogs when  you meant to type doc’s. Please feel free to laugh out loud at such instances, although attempting to correct me may result in violent behaviour, tears, uncontrollable laughter, or all three at once. There is no known cure for this affliction, but it is only temporary, usually lasting from between 40-42 weeks. Unfortunately, it is soon after replaced by “Mommy Brain”.


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