In 20 years I expect to receive…

a bill from a psychologist.

Mom, it rides up in the back!


He had just taken his bath and was running around naked with his grocery cart. I said all he needed was a Walmart bag and he could be on People of  A Walmart bag just happened to appear. He was much happier naked so the bag stayed on long enough for three pictures.


5 Responses to In 20 years I expect to receive…

  1. Shannon says:

    Hehehehe I LOVE it! I think things like this are some of the best things about being Mums.

  2. lisa says:

    I just found that site about people at Walmart. It is so funny. Yes, Finny looks adorable. You better watch out, cause I think people may take this idea for a new Halloween costume. Glad to hear the awesome news about you being a new Mommy! You must stay far away from me though for awhile. Just got diagnosed with the swine flu, so pregos beware! I can still visit with ya on line though. 🙂 Your hubby was here the other day, but I didn’t get to see him, cuz I was sick. But he hooked me all up with the Peachtree Quantum!!!!!! Dun, dun, dun…… We were running out of database capacity. The new one is unlimited. Which is just what we need. No purging data around here. George, Brent and Jamey need that stuff.

  3. keana says:

    He is so gonnna hate you! I love, I go to walmart just in the hopes I can find a pic to post!

  4. amandacathleen says:

    hahhahaa! You crack me UP! Statistically my children will end up in therapy, I’m trying to make sure they have something real to talk about. 😉

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