Hi there!

Not really sure where to start as it’s been so long. Nothing’s really changed and nothing exciting has happened. Still pregnant, still enjoying being the mom of a little boy and a teenage girl. We were all sick before, during, and after Christmas. The creeping crud has really been hard to kick.

Anywho, Finnigan is getting ridiculously big…and as soon as I find the card reader I will prove it to you. He’s a very busy little boy and keeps me busy and tired as well. We finally got the living room unChristmassed and life is returning to normal. Aaaah, that’s better. I can concentrate on more important things now…like knitting. Travis bought me a pair of Signature Arts Needles for Christmas. Wowsa, I feel like I’m knitting with a pair of Ferrari’s. Oh, and as an aside, I asked for the middy point and I’m glad I did, I can’t imagine the stilleto. The middy is very pointy. I’ll bet the stilleto would be great for lace though.


One Response to Hi there!

  1. The Monkey says:

    ** Calls to the card reader. Where are you reader of cards? **

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