Our new indoor swimming pool (a.k.a. our basement)

Happy Birthday Honey! Yesterday was my husband’s birthday…and how did he spend his birthday? In the basement which was flooded from all the rain we were having, and the water was still gushing in along the center seam of our concrete floor. Poor guy. I had gone down to our semi-furnished basement (office, sewing area, computers, small den, oy) to get some checks out of the filing cabinet and was greeted with an 1″ of standing water. For a fleeting second I almost considered not telling Travis and letting him get on with a normal birthday, but then I looked over at his work bench with all his tools…

I ended up calling my father-in-law who came over and the two men worked downstairs all morning, only stopping for a quick coffee break and a change of dry clothes. Meanwhile, life went on upstairs, Finny was running around like a  madman and Mommy was busy making a devil’s food cake with peanut butter icing and chocolate butter cream icing for Daddy’s birthday cake.

Mom and Dad Carey’s gift for Travis arrived just in the nick of time to brighten my poor water logged hubby’s day. Later in the afternoon he was busy playing his new Wii Sports Resort game to great applause from the wee man. We finished off the evening with dinner at one of my hubby’s favorite restaurants with his parents and cake at our house. Shortly after we bathed Finny, puttered around in the basement a bit more, showered, and crashed. Phew! Travis told me he hoped my birthday wasn’t this “exciting”. Me too!

Happy Birthday Travis!

Oh and yes, that very tall, skinny, and beautiful teenager standing to the right is Elizabeth. I can hardly believe it myself. Oh and the toddler there, yep, Finny, can’t believe that one either. The fat pregnant lady is me of course. ;o) That handsome good looking man holding the birthday cake is the birthday boy.

Mmmmm, cake.


3 Responses to Our new indoor swimming pool (a.k.a. our basement)

  1. I'm the Mom says:

    Happy Birthday, Travis! You are over 30 now so I guess you really needed the extra exercise in the basement. Besides – we all know you wanted the day off. 😉

    Love, Mom and Dad Carey

  2. gigi says:

    Wow what a way to celebrate a birthday . . a day in his own indoor pool, and eating cake between two beautiful women! Looks like Finn learned how to clean up his plate while watching his Daddy clean up his ice cream bowl.

  3. amandacathleen says:

    well now, that’s just what he wished for right? An indoor swimmin’ pool! Happy Birthday Travis!

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