Dear Tiger…

February 19, 2010

You are not the president, if you want to broadcast an apology, pay for your air time like everyone else. This is not a “news conference” that would imply that questions would follow your statement. The only people who need your apology is your wife and kids. Grow up!

On an aside, if this were an NFL, NBA, MLB player, this wouldn’t even make the news.


See? You used to love chores!

February 9, 2010

Finnigan is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner. Whenever I vacuum one of two things happens:  he either follows me around watching or he runs and gets his little toy lawn mover and helps me “vacuum”. So today I rigged him up his own vacuum cleaner using the detachable tube from mine and the seldom used furniture attachment.! This kid was nuts. He did not stop at all, all day long, the few times I had to make him stop, there were tears. Normally, we love to go for car rides, not today, he was busy vacuuming. When it was naptime and he grabbed his soft (blankie) and reached for me to go “niy-niy”, the vacuum cleaner was still in his other hand. Dada caused some tears at dinner time when he had to pry the vacuum cleaner from Finny’s hands at the dinner table. When I announced it was bathtime he headed straight for the bathroom, vacuum cleaner in tow. Bedtime ended in a few tears because Mama took the vacuum cleaner away, but the tears stopped quickly. Apparently vacuuming all day is very tiring work. He was out like a light. My friend told me to save these pictures for proof down the road that Finnigan did in fact enjoy his chores.

Super Cheese!

"Oh mom, what do you mean this won't go in the bathtub?"