A blogworthy life

It’s funny, ever since I became a stay at home mom I began living what I would consider a “blog worthy” life. I am always trying out new recipes or baking up new things. I am getting more and more creative in my knitting and sewing. My toddler leaves me with endless opportunities for great blog posts and yet…her it sits, nearly always dormant. A funny thing also happened when I became a stay at home mom, I became too busy to blog. This blogworthy life of mine is so great and so interesting and engaging that I am too busy enjoying it to take the time to blog it. How’s that for ironic. Perhaps I need to take a different look at why I blog, I think I used to blog for an audience, but I want to blog as a way to keep track of all the wonderful tiny little things that make up my day. I have a terrible memory and I often find Finnigan or Elizabeth doing something and I think, “Will I remember this in three years?” I think it’s time for this blog to have a serious makeover.


4 Responses to A blogworthy life

  1. angela says:

    Me too. So busy chasing a toddler and living the life with her that I write in globs and show pictures…usually at 6 a.m….

  2. Casey says:

    I vote for a blog makeover! I’m totally stalking you and you’re not giving me much to work with here.

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