Consistency updated!

I talked to the principal of Elizabeth’s school today. She was quite lovely. We discussed whether it was fair to give these kids a detention for something that they had been doing all school year long, not realizing they were in the wrong. She called Elizabeth down to hear from her what happened on Monday. The principal called me back and said that it sounded like an honest mistake on Elizabeth’s part and that she really didn’t know she was to leave the exit closest to her bus. So? She dropped the detention, as well as the detention for the other kids who were caught up in this. She said not to worry about it and not to go to the teacher who signed the slip, or the assistant principal, but straight to her on Monday and she would sign her detention slip. Score one for Mama Bear.

As an aside, I’m very proud of Elizabeth, during the conversation with the principal I told her that Elizabeth was a good kid and had never had a detention in her life. She asked for her name again so she could pull up Elizabeth’s file. Upon repeating Elizabeth’s name, her principal said, “Wait? Elizabeth? I know her, yes, she IS a good kid! She helped me sort out an incident that happened in the gym this morning.” Apparently there were a bunch of boys on one side of the gym this morning who were tired of waiting for the first bell and decided it would be fun to kick a full can of Pepsi out onto the gym floor and make a mess. The principal was called down and well, you know boys, no one would talk so they all got detentions. Before she left the principal said that if anyone cared to share the real story she would be happy to hear it. Elizabeth saw that our next door neighbor had got caught in the kids who received detention even though he wasn’t a part of it. She went to the principal’s office and told the principal that our neighbor wasn’t part of it, and named the culprit of the can kicking. The principal was really grateful, Elizabeth even got two free slushy tickets for the cafeteria as a thank you. Yep, she is a good kid.


2 Responses to Consistency updated!

  1. Casey says:

    I am SO glad that worked out! I went straight home and told Mike about it after knitting night, totally frothing at the mouth. Yay for good people!

  2. traceyleezle says:

    The cool part was, she was very nice and didn’t blow me off and really listened to me, so I would have said she was lovely, even if she had stuck with Elizabeth’s detention.

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