A busy, quiet, still toddler…tada!

1 hour and 45 minutes. That is exactly how long this activity kept my nearly two year old busy, quiet, and still. What did I do during that time? Well for one thing, I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee.

What you will need: two towels, a couple plastic containers, spoons, medicine droppers and cups, measuring cups, etc. food coloring (optional), and water.

I put one towel down on the floor under Finn’s chair and then one on the table. I set him up with two shallow plastic dishes half filled with water, gave him the utensils and watched the magic! After a while I would take one of the dishes and put just one tiny drop of food coloring in. He thought this was great, and it didn’t stain as it was so diluted. He would have played longer, but it was lunch time so who knows the bounds of mama time this activity could earn. Clean up was minimal thanks to the towels being laid down, it did necessitate a change into dry clothes, but other than that it was easy. File this one away for your rainy day activities!


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