A wee pet peeve

I know many people won’t see the harm in this, but it’s one of those things that drives me crazy. We don’t dress our son in anything with licensed characters on it. No Disney, no Diago, no Transformers, or Marvel comic book heroes. My child is a child, not a billboard. He doesn’t even know who most all of these characters are. What frustrates me is that this has been slid into main stream culture so seductively that most people don’t even realize it. We are so used to seeing branded clothing on kids that most folks don’t bat an eyelash. Well, we bat. Yes, it’s harder to find clothes sometimes, especially kids sneakers, but this is a choice we have made and we intend to stand by it.

Of course, it’s only worse when they hit the teen years. Then it’s not cartoon characters, it’s brands. Abercrombie & Fitch (gag), Aeropostale, American Eagle. You can go buy overpriced clothes, just so they have that little logo on them. Instant popularity! Grrrr.


2 Responses to A wee pet peeve

  1. Casey says:

    We’re terribly guilty of putting characters on our wee’un, but — and this might be silly — only characters *we* liked as children ourselves. Thus, he has two Hot Wheels t-shirts and a Snoopy and I had to be physically restrained from getting him a GI Joe t-shirt (the old cartoon, not the new dippy movie). But I staunchly refuse to get him a Sponge Bob or a whatever other character is popular right *now*. I’m not sure why that’s the distinction we draw, but there you go.

    I DO avoid (like the plague) buying him clothes that have the store brand on them (though my mother has no such reservations, so he has a couple of those right now, too) because I agree about the whole “my kid is not your advertisement board”.

    • traceyleezle says:

      We would definitely make an exception for Snoopy in this house. ;o) Honestly, I think your reasons make more sense than most. Charlie isn’t old enough to know who the heck Dore the Explorer is, but you two have fond memories of your characters and I’m sure enjoy seeing him in hot wheels attire, etc. p.s. nothing to be “guilty” of, just a personal choice. >

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