What hurts? Oh…everything.

Ladies and gentleman we have officially reached that stage of pregnancy. That point where no matter what you do in what position, something is inevitably uncomfortable. If I lay down my hands ache and my hips hurt. If I am up my feet swell and the baby is banging their head on my cervix and my back is killing me. If I sit apparently it cramps someone so I get a butt up under the ribs and lots of kicking and poking until I move.

Is it June yet?


4 Responses to What hurts? Oh…everything.

  1. yes! its almost June!

  2. Lisa says:

    I had such fun with your little man Finny yesterday. I did not want him to leave the office. He’s so darn cute. He talks really clear too! We played ball and looked at a book. I forgot how much fun 2 can be!! Hope you got some much needed rest. June is just around the corner girl. Hang in there.

    • traceyleezle says:

      Thanks! He’s a great little guy, just like his super Daddy. Daddy told me Finny was going to get to go see you. I told him to say hi for me. I did get some sleep yesterday for a bit. Then of course last night didn’t sleep very good again. I really don’t need to practice the whole sleepless night routine before the baby gets here. I’ve done it before, it’s a pretty easy routine to slip into. ;o)

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