What a birthing pool is really for

I’m considering a water birth this time around and they make these fabulous inflatable birthing pools. Much nicer than trying to labor in a teeny regular bathtub. They are incredibly sturdy. My equally fabulous midwife has one so all her clients have to do is buy the liner that goes over top of and inside (no germy sharing that way) the tub. Or if you happen to be lucky and her best friend she will give you a liner that another couple were planning on using, but baby showed up so fast they didn’t get a chance to fill the tub! 😉

Anywho, I decided since I normally have back labor and sitting in nice hot water makes it feel better I wanted to at least labor in a birthing pool. I may or may not do the whole shebang, just gonna go with the flow for that part. So Crystal was kind enough to bring the birthing tub over this Monday before bible study so we’d have it when the time comes. She showed my hubby how to use the pump to inflate it and well…it attracted some kids. Sissy became a permanent fixture in it (I didn’t know birthing tubs had barnacles) and Finny enjoyed climbing up on the couch and dive bombing Sissy in the tub. And as usual, Mommy told the kids no and Aunt Crystal said they could play in it. She really does bring over the best toys:  birthing tubs, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, dopplers…

Snuggling with Sissy before things got crazy

Let the fun begin!


Gotcha Big Sissy!

No, really Elizabeth, it's time to get out.


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