The Monkey

I am a proud mother to a wonderful 14 year old daughter. I was looking back at pictures of her when I started this blog, just 4 short years ago. She has changed so much. In appearance, in personality, in maturity. Long gone is that little girl dancing around the kitchen with a broom. Now I have a beautiful young woman dancing around the kitchen with a broom.

I have watched this wonderful person emerge over the past few years. I have watched her tackle her studies with an ease that makes me jealous and proud. I have watched her sense of humor, her sense of style, her likes and dislikes all grow into something that is truly hers. She really is an amazing person.

This past Monday as we were posing for a photo shoot, me reclining on a bench, her with her head on my belly, we began to reminisce about things from her own infancy. Songs we used to sing, stories I would tell her with my hands, late nights with a sick little baby and singing Beatles songs to sooth her. She began to cry and I nearly joined her. How fast it all goes by. My baby, my original baby will drive a car in two years. She will graduate in four years. I will probably be a mother in law and a grandmother within the next ten years. Looking at this lovely 14 year old, I realize how fleeting 10 years can be.

I love you Elizabeth.

photography by Casey Smith


One Response to The Monkey

  1. Brigitte says:

    What a beautiful post. You are both very lucky.

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