Reading my last post kind of makes me want to kick myself in the butt. Since that post we have discovered that Seannan has reflux. Life has been very interesting since. I have a little boy who used to put himself to sleep. Now he wants to nurse himself to sleep. Once asleep, he only sleeps for about an hour, two if I’m really lucky. We rarely get time with an alert infant who is not screaming and that really makes me sad. This is supposed to be our baby moon, and instead it’s turning into a nightmare.

Seannan’s routine is pretty simple these days. Sleep, wake up, get his pants changed while screaming, eat, and go right back to sleep. Once in a while we will get a few moments with a little guy whose eyes are open and who is not screaming. They are fleeting and greatly appreciated. The rest of the time I have a baby who is screaming and I can’t make him comfortable. It’s left me sitting on the living room floor sobbing a few times already, heh, and he’ll only be 4 weeks old on Sunday. I keep telling myself these first few months are the hardest and will pass. Unfortunately, I want more of those first few months than just trying to get by. I want to enjoy my new little bundle.

Each day we are getting better at making him more comfortable. And hopefully each day his reflux is getting better. I stopped reading The Baby Whisperer for now. It’s just too frustrating right now. We will work on sleep problems once I have a baby who is not feeling so lousy most of the time.


One Response to Irony

  1. Bryce had the most HORRIBLE reflux. Do you have a baby sling to put in his crib so you can raise his mattress? I might have saved one if you want it I’ll look. You can get them at a medical supply store too. Bryce slept best with white noise blasting (the vacuum ran all the time since we didn’t have a noise machine) and swaddling his arms. Allysa, Kailey and Bryce had acid reflux, none of them outgrew it until they where 2. I have so many stories of asshat Dr’s before we finally met Dr Peter’s from Geislingers hospital.
    Hope you all get some sleep, soon đŸ™‚

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