UFO’s, lots of them

My dear little Seannan has seen fit to grant me some time to myself in the evening. Mighty sweet of the little guy considering he keeps me hopping the rest of the day and night. From the second his eyes close in the evenings I rush. I rush to go do some sorely neglected chore quickly, then it’s into the shower…sometimes, then I can finally relax and slow down and breathe.

Tonight I was looking at my UFOs (for you non-knitters, that’s knit speak for unfinished objects) in my UFO basket…which is over flowing. I decided it’s time to prioritize. So, I’m ripping and frogging and figuring out what I really want to finish. That’s my summer knitting goal, to finish my UFO’s.

And because I never seem to post pictures anymore, some gratuitous shots of the family…

Mama's couch potato

Hanging with Dad

The Boys

Mr. December on the Super Cute Fireman's Calander


5 Responses to UFO’s, lots of them

  1. MissaB says:

    I hear you about UFOs. You’re lucky you are a knitter – my quilting UFOs take up much more than a basket! I’ve got at least a big plastic container worth of them and more hanging on a clothing rack.

    Since I’m pretty much grounded this summer, I am working on getting a lot of the piecing done, but getting them through the frame is going to have to wait until I can spend more time standing.

    I figure another 14 years and Mr December will be mortified that you posted that….

  2. Casey says:

    You mean you don’t NAP when your baby naps?!

    Love you. 🙂

  3. I would always fall asleep nursing them, if I was tiered nothing would keep my eyes open! Anyway, they are all so sweet! Best of luck with your UFO’s I need to go through my basket….

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