I have come up to NY for the week to visit my family and hopefully restore some of my lost sanity. Although with my family that last part might be a pipe dream. That is to say that my family is quite nutty in general, the good kind, not that they would reduce my sanity further. Anywho, if I could direct your attention to the left side of the tram you will now see some actual knitting on this here blog.

Ta-da! The lovely Parnassius Apollo Beret, she is finished. I can now check one thing off of my summer UFO knitting list. And now that victory is short lived as I am reminded of a pair of mittens and hat languishing away on the needles for the Monkey. So those will be added to the list. Ha, and here I was so happy to reduce my list by one. Oh well. I have been enjoying the knitting that I am able to accomplish in the evenings here once the boys are in bed. It’s someone else’s house, and I am on orders to rest and recoup, not worry about housework, and that is infinitely easier at someone else’s house.

In that manner, I have been productively unproductive during the days, my main concern being two very important little boys. Once in a great while they allow me the luxury of going to the bathroom or grabbing a glass of water. I have to say though, the littlest is quite demanding and rarely lets me eat a warm meal, he feels it would be too excitable to my system, and so my meals are stolen in a few mad dash moments, and stone cold.

The heat broke and it was absolutely beautiful out, so out we went. Under my mother’s maples by the swing and just enjoyed the breeze, the shade, the dappled sunshine on the blanket, and each other.

Why yes, that is a grin.

Finn, checking in.

There is a bird in the bird bath, oh yes, a bird.


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