Up and Down

We took the boys (we meaning my mum, dad, & I) to the Ross Park Zoo while we were in NY. Finny got to have his first carousel ride. And in typical two year old fashion he hated it and wanted off the second that sucker started moving. I held him tight for the ride and I cried while he clung to me as we went up and down on a beautiful chestnut. And also in typical two year old fashion, the second it was done and I was helping him down…he wanted to go again. So this time I stood next to the horse and held him. I pointed up and showed him how the horsey was going “up…and down…up…and down” and that was it. He loved it! So of course we had to go two more times after we left the zoo.

Big Mama...itty-bitty carousel horse, oh and cute little boy

There are 6 carousels around the area all donated by George F. Johnson to his employees. He wanted them to always be free to ride, and so they still are. The full story can be found here, it’s pretty cool. Just scroll down to “Carousel Capital of the World”.

Still working on my summer UFO list. I finished one of the Broadripple socks, now I’m casting on #2 today. This summer knitting goal is really hard on me. I got so much fantastic knitting swag for my birthday I am just itching to cast on! I have yarn for two cardigans, and several pairs of socks. Oy! Must.maintain.self.control. I don’t know if I can do this, especially with the fall semester of HPKCHC coming up. Will power, I am brimming with will power. Um, yeah.


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