In which Seannan defies me

So, as you know, the boys and I traveled to NY to visit family. Before said trip I sat Seannan down and had a long discussion about how inappropriate it would be for him to hit any milestones or do any “firsts” while we were there, as Daddy would not be present to enjoy them as well. I stressed the importance of this and was assured that he would hold off until we got home. Low and behold, midweek while we were in NY Seannan gave me his first real, non-gassy smile. To make matters worse he continued to smile periodically through the week. So yeah, please don’t tell my husband. Seannan’s first smile was in PA, right? Right.


One Response to In which Seannan defies me

  1. Courtney says:

    Aw! I remember the first time Kristi smiled. I just happen to be recording her taking a bath on vacation when she did it. Thankfully, her dad and I were both there to witness it! 🙂

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