We now return you…

…to life as usual.

It looks like things are finally settling down in our household. My postpartum depression has packed it’s bags thanks to my placenta capsules and some 5-HTP. Now I’m dealing with the ‘other’ postpartum reality. Oh for crying in the mud I put on how much weight? I have begun to deal with that issue now too. We are getting back to our good eating habits that we started a couple of years ago:  cutting out the processed foods that sneaked  slowly back into our cupboards, and most importantly getting rid of all that sugary food. I’m really struggling with the sugar thing. Ugh, it’s awful, I know if I can just kick the habit I don’t crave it anymore, but kicking it is so hard. Even as I type this there is an increased amount of traffic on our road today due to it being Customer Appreciation days at the Amish owned greenhouse. Free glazed donuts and coffee. Let me tell you folks, KrispyKreme ain’t got nothin’ on hot Amish made glazed donuts. They set up a mini kitchen right out in front of the greenhouse and cook all day and all night (they make up some to sell by the dozen as well). It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Actually OBG (Elizabeth, my Original Baby Girl) and I saw them getting started last night at 8:00 when we went on our evening walk. Ah yes, the walking, another healthy habit we have started. I’ve lost 3.5 lbs recently, which brings me down to a whopping 220. Yep, I said it, 220 pounds people. Now everyone on the internet who cares to know will see just how big I’ve gotten. The bad thing is I was down to 218, those 3.5 pounds I lost are pounds I put on eating ice cream after CDD (Seannan aka Chunka-Dunka-D00) could tolerate dairy in my milk. So I’m not counting anything as actual weight loss until it dips below 218. Hmmmff.

Chunka-Dunka-Doo is doing well too. As you can guess by his nickname, he is a chubby little bug. I’m just loving it. My midwife really got on me about my protein and stressed the importance of a high protein + balanced diet for making good, fat creamy milk. Chunka Dunka Doo is sleeping much better as well. He gets up twice a night, eats and goes back to sleep. Hey, if I didn’t mind starting my day at 5:45 each day, I might even go so far as to say that he only gets up once a night. I do mind, however,  starting my day that early, so he goes back to bed after that 5:45 feeding and then generally starts doing his, “OK, I want to get up now!” fuss around 7:00.

Finny is, as always, still madly in love with his Big Sissy and his new Baby Brother. He is also excelling at being a terrible two year old. For those of you who are looking at spacing your children exactly two years apart…two small things to think about:  potty learning and chasing around a two year old all with an infant along for the ride. Yeah. Finnigan is also just as cute as ever. If you ask him what a dinosaur says he will grin real big and let out the cutest little, “Raaarr!” you ever heard, upon which it is your duty to act scared, at which point he will bust into giggles and “Raaarr!” at you again.

We have been going to play dates to Casey’s,  a good friend, to play with her handsome little boy, Charlie. Casey and I enjoy the hour and a half to two hour time with adult conversation…which usually revolves around our kids, go figure. The boys are learning how to share…sort of, and Finny is embarrassing his mother with his practice of the black art known as Hooliganism. He is well indoctrinated.

Original Baby Girl, Elizabeth, has started 9th grade. Phew, 9th grade. I’m still not exactly sure how we got here, and yet at the same time, it didn’t go as fast as everyone says it does. I think… She has several honors courses and a college prep class this semester so she will be working her tail off and I will be seeing to it that she does. We had a discussion that went sort of like a drill sergeant pacing in front of his troop. “You will have exactly 20 minutes upon arriving home to get a snack, use the bathroom, and decompress. After this time you will hole up in your room to complete homework. When your homework and studying are done you may relax in your manner of choosing until dinner. At 8:00 pm you will do whatever your chores are for that evening. After that you can while away your time until 9:30 when you will begin getting ready for bed ending in lights out at 10:00 pm sharp.” And so far, she’s doing great.

So that’s a quick…erm, sort of, update as to what’s going on over here. I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging. I’ve been knitting and spinning and sewing a lot lately. I have much to share. That’s the news from Southerly PA.

i'm lovin' the matchy matchy pj's


One Response to We now return you…

  1. I'm the Mom says:

    GREAT picture of the boys (still sounds funny to say that) and I’m so proud of Boo. I told her to make sure that she carved out some fun time for herself and she said “I am – I’m taking piano.” Always loved Grandma Ralph’s piano. I could never walk by it w/o sitting down for a few tinkles … and then realized two hours had gone flying by! Wish I still had it.

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