So apparently Fall is truly on its way. The evidence being in my aching sinuses and my soar throat. That’s right, the semi-annual sinus infection has arrived right in line with the cooler weather. Ack, so I’m holed up in the bedroom with liquids, and books, and knitting, and a laptop, and occasionally a baby. I figured I’d better play it real quiet today while I still have DH home to help me out. I threw together some chicken soup this morning and then crashed. So, later this afternoon I will have some yummy soup to sip.

Yesterday was  a busy day. We went over to the local green house for their customer appreciation days. Beautiful mums everywhere! Finnigan got a pony ride with some other little kids. He really enjoyed himself and was ready for another ride shortly after the first, but we had a birthday party to get to.

Going for a pony cart ride with "Amigo"

Mmmmm, hot donuts!

Eat your heart out Krispy Kreme

Our lovable little friend, Charlie, turned one yesterday. Man that went by so quick. It feels just like yesterday that Mike was calling to tell me that Casey was in labor and asking if I could check on the dog. It was a great party, delicious food. Casey’s DH makes amazing hamburgers. A super delish carrot cake. I enjoyed watching Charlie and Finny playing together. The weatherman pulled one over on me yet again. He swore it was going to be cool out so I dressed in a sweater… and roasted. Stupid weatherman. We left around three, tired and happy. It was a great afternoon.

Of course later last night I started feeling “funny” and whenever that happens I immediately reach for the echinacea & goldenseal throat spray, dubbed Lysol in our house for it’s, ahem, “interesting” flavor. Around 2 am this morning I knew I was headed for a sinus infection. Bleargh, so here I am resting in bed. Note to self, get well soon.


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