Off with a bang!

Hello 2011! After putting Seannan to bed we, Finnigan, Travis, and I, had a wee bit of a New Years Eve party here. There were cheesy hats and horns, fun poppers, sparkling apple cider, and sparklers. Of course all of this was lavishly doused in exuberant toddler screams of, “Yay!”, “Big Party!”, “Happy Birthday!”, “Cake!”, (that one was odd as there was no cake) “Happy New Year!”, and also, “Good Job Mama/Daddy!” whenever one of us would set off a popper. For such a small affair, we certainly were festive sounding. And now, the party in photographs…

"Yaaaay! Caaake! Happy New Year!"

Finny loved the poppers, but didn't want to pull the string himself

Opening the sparkling cider was somewhat problematic

"Mmmmm, apah cider!"


The two handsomest boys at the party

I love me some sparklers

Happy New Year from the Durfs (well most of them)

Rudy partied himself out playing with the streamers

On a less festive note, Seannan had a terrible night and is awfully congested. We have the living room blocked off with a sheet in the archway and a vaporizer going as well as one in the bedroom.


2 Responses to Off with a bang!

  1. Casey says:

    I like this blogging every day thing. Also, y’all are a bunch of total hotties in your glasses. Rawr!

    • traceyleezle says:

      Dude, me too, especially now that I have Picasa! Seannan had a good night and after an ER visit (walk in was closed) he does not have pneumonia. He is currently passed out in the swing (why am I not sleeping?!?!) Oh yes, Rawr for sure!

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