Ravenclaw Mittens

If you ask Elizabeth about her hat, mittens, and scarf set that I am going to make her she is more than happy to tell you that it was supposed to be a Christmas present…in ’09. Yes, I am a bad mom. In my defense, she picked out a beautiful yarn to make them in, and I did make her the pair of mittens she wanted. Only we discovered this yarn has no bloom whatsoever and therefore isn’t great for warm outerwear knits. However, things are moving along nicely now. I am making her a Ravenclaw set, as she is every bit a Ravenclaw. I am also (taking big breath, letting it out slowly) making them in Hobby Lobby’s brand acrylic. Yes, acrylic. For stuff that is made of recycled soda bottles and sprayed out of little nozzles rather than spun, it ain’t half bad. And here is where you would expect to see the mittens I am working on, wouldn’t you? Yeah well, I never got around to taking a picture of them today so…hey look over there! It’s a cute baby!


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