It’s Off!

Today was the best day all year! Premature? Maybe, but it was seriously awesome! Finnigan got his cast taken off this morning and he did fabulous. Fabulous people! He didn’t cry while it was being cut off, he giggled, because it tickled. How great is that? The saw is about as loud as a ShopVac and the actual “blade” is a serrated comb that vibrates back and forth. You can put it on your hand while it’s running and it won’t cut you, which is always a plus. Finny was not scared of this thing at all. It took some serious jigsaw puzzle cutting to get it all off too. After the cutting was done, the nurse used a little wedge thing to pop the saw cuts open and pull the cast apart.

Finny tried to move his leg for the first time in two months and that’s when the tears came. He’s very stiff and any little movement is really painful. This, thankfully, will only last a couple of days. He’s already doing better and moving his leg some. So for now we are moving slowly (as slowly as Finnigan moves anyway) and taking Tylenol. I know the doctor says he’s going to be slow and walk funny for a while and it may take a bit before he gets his legs back, but she doesn’t know Finny. I give him until the end of the week before he’s walking again, funny or not.

Anyway, this whole ordeal went incredibly fast, and other than those first few days in the hospital and the minor adjustments at home, life went on as usual. Thanks once again God, for taking such good care of us.

His bone is healed, he is happy, and the very best of all:  he got to take a nice long hot bath tonight. I think that’s been the hardest on him as he loves his baths.



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