See you at the gym

So I did something crazy and a little bit cliche. I joined a gym. Wow, that even feels weird typing it. I joined a gym. I can now say, for the reasonable price of $10 a month, things like:  “I’m going to squeeze a work out in before SnB.” or “I’m soar from working out at the gym last night.” or “Honey, do you want me to pick up anything on my way home from the gym?”

It’s fitting really. Getting into shape is on my to-do list. I’ve wanted to join a gym for years for my leg, but haven’t been able to afford their crazy expensive memberships. I actually do enjoy working out, just not in my living room. I like all the fun machines, the stair climber, the eliptical, the recumbent bike (cardio knitting here I come!).

My husband’s cousin posted on FB about joining the new gym that is opening up near us and how it was only $10 a month. My immediate thought was, “Hey, I can afford that!” So I joined, I went to their website and signed right up…and now I’m kinda doing the whole self doubt thing. Will I use it? Will I actually make the time to go?

The thing is, I need to. This is something I need to do, for me, and no one else. So here they are in all their untouched glory, the dreaded “before shots”.

Boy Elizabeth's room is getting messy again...

Hmm, that last picture bothers me in that it could totally be a “see-how-far-along-in-my-pregnancy-belly-shot” photo. Yup, gym membership. Check!


2 Responses to See you at the gym

  1. unadillabarb says:

    Good luck, sweetie. I’m still trying to talk myself into getting back into that mode. My gym time is from 6:15 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. and you know how much I would LOVE getting up early. NOT! 😦

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