January sky

She is a glittering queen, harsh, cold, and brittle. The winds of winter strip the trees of their leaves. They sweep the snow across the roads and fields, driving snow into each nook and cranny.

The winter I know and love is cold, but wonderful. Filled with glittering diamonds on a night time drive in the snow. It is filled with red cheeked children and puffs of steam. Snow, my winter is always filled with snow. White powdery snow, like granules of sugar falling from the sky. Large, wet, sticky fat flakes. Puffy bits of icy dandelion fluff. Sparkling gems covering the ground. A blanket of white seems to make everything look more lovely, more peaceful.

To drive at night is to enter into the Christmas carol, Silent Night. All is calm and bright. The darkness folds me and my car into a navy comforter. The headlights peeking into a world where diamonds, millions of glittering diamonds litter the roads, the ditches, the empty corn fields. Each flake that falls catches the light of my beams. Everything is quiet, peaceful. No other cars are around. Even the normal squeeky complaints of my vehicle seem muffled, quieter in the night time snow. Tires crunch or squeek on the pristine white snow. I enjoy these night time excursions.

As a child I spent countless hours laying in the snow, tunneling in the snow, packing the snow, eating the snow, throwing the snow, gliding through the snow, kicking the snow, shaping the snow, praying for snow. This is my season. Spring, summer, fall, all lovely, all offering new experiences with each change of the temperature. My blood quickens when the temperature falls. My heart beats a little faster at the mention of those wonderful frozen droplets of rain. My spirit comes alive with the darkening and shortening of the days. This is my season. This is when I am most alive. Whether it is reveling in the joy of the Christmas season. Or baking and cooking my way through a blizzard. Knitting into the deep of the night while the wind howls around our home. Dressing my children for a trip out into a marshmallow world. This is my season. I wait all year long for this.

Maple sugar snow


2 Responses to Winter

  1. I'm the Mom says:

    You are your mother’s child. I’m so glad the good stuff stuck to you! Christmas is now packed away in the closet and I’ve taken time out during the day to watch the birds in the pines and the feeders. My house feels naked. But the Christmas lights are still up so that I can turn them on if it snows again!

  2. Casey says:

    Snow always makes me think of you, and it always will.

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