I missed two days of blogging. I have a good excuse, really, I do. Life. Yep, I have one from time to time. We had a Christmas party and lots of driving to do this weekend and so there just wasn’t a lot of time, or lets face it, energy left for blogging.

The Christmas tree is now out of the living room and the living room is open and roomy again. The furniture is freshly rearranged and this room is inviting and cozy. I love it. I love rearranging furniture. Especially in the living room. I have to rearrange my living room about four times a year or I start to go a little nuts.

Anyway, even more exciting than that is this!

We are walking again! We took a few baby steps holding mama’s hands in the kitchen. Then more steps at the Christmas party. Then we walked a bit with Daddy in WallyWorld. And finally, Sunday morning with all the kids in Sunday School we just had enough of this crawling stuff and he’s been on his feet ever since. Just under two weeks after his cast was removed. In a week after he’s into everything, please remind me of how happy I was that he is walking again.


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