Letters to my children

Dear Finnigan,

I know these last few months have been hard on you, but you amaze me with how resilient you have been. You just seem to take everything in stride. No matter what the day throws at you, you just go on as if these crazy days are perfectly normal. I’d like to say you get that from me, but if I’m honest with myself I have to say I hope that I get that from you.

Lately I find myself looking at this wonderful little boy and wondering were you ever really a baby? Before your little brother Seannan was born, I was so scared to lose my baby, you. I remember the moment you came home from Grammy and Pappy’s after Seannan was born. The very instant I looked at you, you had transformed from my little baby to this little boy walking through the door, who was now a big brother. It was a scary and awe inspiring moment. You had really been a big boy for quite some time, I just couldn’t see it. Watching you grow has been just wonderful. You are such a loving little boy. You are so excited and happy to be with your family and friends. The mere mention of Big Sissy, Grammy & Pappy, Daddy, Nana & PopPop, Aunt Casey, Charlie, or Aunt Crystal and your face lights up. “Hooray!” usually comes popping out as well. You just can’t wait to see them.

Keep being yourself kiddo, you are growing into a pretty wonderful person. I’m glad you are my baby and I can’t wait to see the man you become…just not anytime soon.


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