I over heard this conversation yesterday and thought I would share

Seannan:  Psst, Rudy…is there room for me under there?

Rudy:  I guess, why?

Seannan:  Check this out, mom’s knitting me a hat. I hate hats. If I grab the yarn and hide under the futon with you, she can’t knit the hat and you can play with the yarn.

Rudy:  Yeah? Ok, quick, grab it, grab it and roll under here!

Seannan:  I got it! Shhhh!

*muffled giggling*




5 Responses to Conspirators

  1. I'm the Mom says:

    Too, too funny. Can’t wait to show this to Dad in the morning! BTW, the teething beads are on their way home to PA in a package with Travis’ birthday card.

  2. traceyleezle says:

    Hooray! Hopefully the USPS doesn’t crush them to smithereens. The last two packages I’ve received that were sent USPS have had rips in the boxes and been punctured. I’m not sure what they are doing to them.

  3. I'm the Mom says:

    I wrapped then in a portion of “snow” blanket from my office Christmas decorations and then wrapped them in bubble wrap and then they went into the padded envelope. 🙂

  4. gigi says:

    You can just see the ‘conspirator’ in those eyes! What an imp he’s going to be when he and Finn can get into mischief together.

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