More cute!

Please take a moment to get yourself some strong black coffee or super dark chocolate. You’re going to need it. These kids of mine are so sweet you could get a cavity! I finished Seannan’s Aviatrix hat this weekend and of course as soon as big brother saw baby brother’s “airpane hat” he wanted one too. Good thing they work up super fast…

I have to say, these little hats are really addicting and I plan on making one with a little flower on the side for a friend’s baby girl. The size range is pretty great too. I’ll bet if you used a bulky weight yarn and larger needles an adult could wear one as well. I love how quick they go, really it’s all working one set of short rows for however big you want the hat to be, then adding earflaps and a strap. Ingenius!

Also as promised, more cute from this weekend.


7 Responses to More cute!

  1. Brigitte says:

    Oh, that is cute! Those boys are a pair of lookers! Awesome hats – that picture of the both of them cracks me up. They look so proud, modelling their hats.

  2. Casey says:

    Charlie was CAPTIVATED by your video. He’s got a mega-crush on Elizabeth.

  3. onmyneedles says:

    Omgosh that video was soooo cute!! I absolutely LOVED Finny’s sound effects! The Super Mario Brothers background music was pretty spiffy too!

  4. I'm the Mom says:

    Well, Seannan doesn’t exactly look mad about his new hat, and I’m sure Rudy is disappointed that he now longer has the yarn to play with under the futon.

  5. I'm the Mom says:

    P.S. Seannan looks like he belongs in a Pixar movie! LOL!

  6. Pooch says:

    All three of your children are beautiful! Doesn’t big sis need a cutie-cute hat too?! 😉

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